Isaak on ‘Catfish’ & ‘Judge Mathis’

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A Georgia Southern University alum is the subject on the TV show Catfish and host Nev Schulman concluded that he had a foot fetish based on an online profile he dug up. The subject’s name is Isaak and he submitted a fake application, pretending to be a girl named Courtney who he had interacted with online. He had listed some online dating profiles as an “asexual”, and host Nev Schulman read that the profiles stated feet are what are attractive to Isaak. And, Isaak admitted on the profile to masturbating often. While the Catfish crew tried to find out information on Isaak, they discovered that he had appeared on Judge Mathis over foot massages. There was even a post about it on a Georgia Southern University Facebook page called GSUProblems.

A video clip from the Judge Mathis episode was posted on YouTube, but was taken down. And, if you try to find his Facebook page, you get an error page, which you can see below.

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Some of the comments left on the GSUProblems post include the following:

This guy is a psycho. He’s been harassing my friend to try to get me to talk to him and won’t stop creeping on my facebook. I had him blocked but I unblocked him long enough to send him a message to tell him to leave me alone, but I have to wait 48 hours before blocking him again, so he has spent the last 12 hours blowing up my facebook with notifications and “pokes”. Yet he has absolutely no huevos because when I confront him with a phone call, he won’t even talk to me. He’s a coward.

I’ve gotten two messages from this kid asking me to remove my comment because he said his employer may see it. He also said he doesn’t want to be judged by this and wants people to see the “real” him. Hmm.. NO! This is the REAL him. I saw him in person ask a girl to give them a foot massage. This is not a joke this is absolutely real. The entire situation is real and frankly your employer NEEDS to see this. So my answer to your question is…Hell no I will not delete what I wrote. I meant what I said and you should have thought long and hard about this before you did it. That is your completely your own fault. Bad choice to exploit your very own freakish fetishes nationally.

That’s the weirdest kid I’ve ever met in my life.. He claims to be “asexual” and posts ads on Craigslist to give free foot massages to girls.. He used to go to rudy’s in his domino’s pizza uniform with a pizza box every weekend and do some weird dance on the dance floor..

When Isaak spoke about his lifestyle on Catfish, he said he wasn’t really exposed to the concept of sex until he was about 20 years old. He also said he’s okay with being single for the rest of his life and has removed all the fake photos from his online profiles.

For more info on the Catfish episode surrounding Isaak, check out the below links:


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I would like to see the episode from the Judge Mathis show with Isaak. Does anyone know how I can?

Kaity Velazquez

This guy stalked me and my friend Jessica for months he still calls me and won’t say anything but breath on the other line


How did he stalk you if he never came in physical contact with you and only had kind conversations that you initiated by calling him? You said he still calls you? How so? It can’t be to this day; what do your phone records say?



Fred Hammer

No I spoke to Issak and know him personally. I worked with him at a pizza place in college. He was weird and zany, but actually a nice guy. He’d always tip me and the cooks after. I hadn’t spoken to him much over the years, but he did get back on Facebook. He even said he doesn’t read comments.


Stalking is not just a physical act, Fred. It’s persisting in following somebody in other ways, too. If somebody ignores your messages, or otherwise expresses directly or indirectly that they do not want to hear from you or go further in getting to know you, you are stalking them as soon as you continue to press. That’s what stalking is. Any persistence of following physically OR online, paying unwanted attention to, making unwanted attempts at contact, all of these are invasive, inappropriate, abusive, disrespectful, insensitive, creepy, wrong, and in many cases illegal. Please get VERY clear about these things, before you (or someone you know) ends up in prison for crossing the line. NO means NO, and SILENCE also means NO.

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