Sarah & Jordan Win ‘The Challenge: Battle of the Exes 2’

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For the final task on The Challenge: Battle Of The Exes 2, each of the remaining couples was dropped off in the middle of nowhere in Norway. The teams left were Jordan with Sarah, Jay with Jenna, and Leroy with Theresa. Each couple started off by jumping into freezing water from a helicopter. They must swim to a kayak and take off from there. Jordan and Sarah start off in the lead, with Jay and Jenna behind them. The couples row and row until they hit the shore. They change into their team uniforms and move on to a long jog. Leroy and Theresa are pretty far behind at this point.

The next checkpoint is a word game made up of rocks with letters on them. The “Mind Games” puzzle reads “You Must Respect The Trolls” and Jordan and Sarah kill it. Then they make sure to scramble their letters so that the other teams aren’t tipped off. In the meantime, Leroy and Theresa pass Jay and Jenna, resulting in Jenna losing some steam. Leroy and Theresa solve the puzzle and are on their way while Jay and Jenna fall behind. Sarah and Jordan continue on their journey and come to a table with a task called “Don’t Flip Your Lid”. They have to drink mystery liquids that taste horrible, causing them to gag and puke. They then have to flip coasters onto the glasses. Leroy and Theresa start to catch up as Jenna and Jay are stuck at the Mind Games checkpoint. Their 30-minute time expires and they are allowed to move along.

When Jay and Jenna get to the “Don’t Flip Your Lid” challenge, they each fail miserably again. Host TJ intervenes and tells them that if they don’t finish that challenge, they’re out. As a result, Jay quits.

The next task that Sarah and Jordan have to conquer is downing tubes of caviar and then hurling rocks into a bucket. Leroy and Theresa have now caught up and passed them because Sarah’s stomach is hurting her. Sarah tells Jordan “I have to take a shit,” as the other two catch up. Then, it’s a puke fest as Sarah and Leroy begin to vomit. Fortunately for Sarah, the couple’s 30 minute task time expires and they move on to check point #5 for a bike ride. During the bike ride, Sarah finally gets to go to the bathroom.

Finally, the teams abandon their bikes and make it up a hill to a “Rest Stop”. They can choose to either rest by the fire that’s burning or in a makeshift bed. While relaxing by the fire, the two reflect on the season and show their love as well as support for each other. Finally, Leroy and Theresa show up and join them. For body heat, Jordan and Sarah lay on top of each other on their bed because it’s 20 degrees outside. The couples shiver as they try to sleep.

When the sun comes up, TJ lets the two teams know that Jay and Jenna are eliminated. He then lets them know that they will be climbing Mount Slogen, which is 5,131 feet high. Second place in the climb gets $70,000, so even if they lose, they win. What seemed unfair was that even though Leroy and Theresa were much farther behind, Sarah and Jordan only had a 5-minute lead ahead of them.

In the end, Sarah and Jordan reached the top first, winning $250,000.