Kaitlyn Bristowe – ‘The Bachelor: Women Tell All’ 2015

On tonight’s special episode The Bachelor: Women Tell All, Kaitlyn Bristowe confronts star Chris Soules, asking him why he made her wait through an entire rose ceremony to eliminate her from the final three. Bristowe brought up the fact that former Bachelorette Andi Dorfman didn’t put him through that, so she wanted to know why he didn’t show her the same courtesy. She also asked him why he didn’t give her the same opportunity he had given Becca Tilley to explain herself before making his final decision. Soules became a bit tongue-tied and said that at that point, he had fallen in love with three women and he really had to think about what was right for his life. Soules then used a poor choice of words saying that it was basically a “coin toss” at that point. Bristowe was not a fan of his explanation, but told Extra she was relieved that he got to hear her perspective on the situation.

It’s understandable that Bristowe would feel cheated and misled, but such is the nature of The Bachelor. It appears as though Bristowe and Soules slept together in the fantasy suite, though we may never know for sure. Bristowe also had said that she was certain she would be in the final two and felt blindsided by Soules’ decision.

So, if you’re wondering if we’ll see any more of Bristowe in the future, the reports are that she is going to be the next Bachelorette. Host Chris Harrison has rooted for her, as has Chris Soules, who told E! News:

I think I would definitely go with someone from this cast. And right now, my personal opinion would be Kaitlyn. I think she’s got the right type of energy. She’s funny, she can be entertaining and she’s beautiful. She’s at point in her life that she’s really serious about finding love. I think that’s important. When you’re on this, you don’t want somebody there who wants more notoriety. You want someone who’s really sincere.

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