Noah Galloway & Girlfriend Jamie Boyd’s Best Instagram Photos

Noah Galloway and Girlfriend Jamie Boyd

Noah Galloway has been married twice with children, but he's currently dating girlfriend Jamie Boyd and the two appear to have a deeply in love connection. On week 2 of DWTS, Boyd surprised Galloway by coming home early from basic training in the army and it was one of the most touching moments we've ever seen on the show. Galloway's dance pro partner Sharna Burgess told People that she actually saw Boyd just before Galloway did and she couldn't breathe because she knew how happy Galloway was going to be to see his love. Galloway is currently a contestant that the judges have their eye on for Dancing With The Stars champion even though he's missing both an arm and a leg. He hasn't used a prosthetic arm just yet, but he's told People Magazine that he's definitely considering it as his dance partner Sharna Burgess tells him how instrumental it is for framing in your dance routines. Galloway stated: I don't wear one in my daily life, so it hasn't been necessary because I have everything I need in my right arm. Prosthetics take time to adapt to and because this all happened so quickly, I wasn't used to wearing an arm and didn't have time to adapt to the new technology in time. We tried one out for this week but only had two days to practice with it, and decided I just need more time with it before I'm ready to use it in a dance. In more Galloway news, he is actually the new spokesmodel for the Kenneth Cole cologne Mankind, which is exciting for him. Click through our gallery to check out all the best Instagram photos of Galloway and his beautiful girlfriend Jamie Boyd.