Noah Galloway, ‘Dancing With The Stars’: Top 10 Best Instagram Photos

Noah Galloway

Noah Galloway is a double amputee contestant on "Dancing With The Stars." Viewers have fallen in love with his determination to excel, his strength, and the love he has for his longtime girlfriend Jamie Boyd. Over the years, Galloway has really struggled through his injuries and suffered from depression after losing his limbs, especially when his first marriage ended while he was recovering. He then lost his home. In an Instagram post, looking back on the experience, he wrote: Waking up to the loss of an arm and leg plus severe injuries to my "good" leg and arm and my mouth wired shut was one of the worst days of my life. After digging myself out of years of depression and living unhealthy as I tried to accept my new body I suffered another blow, one to my pride, I lost my home. I was then contacted by Homes for Our Troops. HFOT builds adaptive homes for veterans all over the country. They reached out to me years before but I told them I was good. The 2nd call was much different. Soon they will begin building my home. A home that will support me as I age, also a home in the event I injure myself. Something as small as a broken ankle or broken arm would put me in a world of hurt due to the lack of support from a remaining limb. But more importantly it'll be good for my kids. Instead of 3 children sharing a room at dads house will suddenly have their own rooms. For more information on Noah Galloway, click here.