Diane Plese, Robert Herjavec’s Wife: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

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Robert Herjavec, who is considered the “nice one” on Shark Tank, has been married to Diane Pelse, a Croatian optometrist, for 25 years.

They have legally separated. Let’s look at their relationship and the possible cause for their split.

1. Robert’s ‘DWTS’ Partner May Be a Reason for Their Split

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For the upcoming season of Dancing with the Stars, Herjavec is partnered with pro Kym Johnson.
Of course, when news of the split surfaced, people assumed Johnson was the reason.
She has been posting many Instagram pictures with her partner like this one below, with the caption, “Our dancing is so hot it’s illegal in the state of New Jersey!”

Herjavec also posted this Twitter picture of them on his private jet:

In the video above, we see their rehearsal, which true to DWTS form, involves lots of intimate moves.

2. She Has a Lavish Home in Canada

Movato HOME Magazine Robert Herjavec InterviewLeah Lipkowitz interview with Robert Herjavec and his wife Diane Plese at their Toronto home. Leah Lipkowitz is an interior design expert with a design segment on Global TV.2013-10-31T19:07:19.000Z

In the video below, they are interviewed for Montreal Home. Their lavish house, in Canada, is featured. it is a French-style chateau in Toronto’s Bridle Path.

There was a time in his life when he was a stay-at-home dad to their three children. The pair has two daughters and a son, Caprice, Skye, and Brendan, and keep them out of Hollywood’s glare.

As far as balancing family and business, he told MSN Autos, “You know, I think as busy as I am I always make time for my kids. I was always very lucky. I sold my first company, made a lot of money and stayed home for three years. So, I have a great relationship with my kids. But I think it’s hard to balance. I really do. I think you have to make some choices.”

3. Diane Met Robert When He Was Her Patient

The former lovebirds met when he went for an eye appointment, and according to National Post, it was love at first sight. According to Daily Entertainment, they married at a Croatian church in Mississauga, near Toronto.

They met when Herjavec was 26, way before he become a millionaire. (Now his net worth is $100 million.)

4. Robert Made a Statement

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“Human relationships are so difficult,” Herjavec said in his statement. “I wish nothing but love and peace for our family as we move forward from this.”

There has been no statement yet from Plese. But in the past she has said about their love story, “He’s so excited about life. How can you not want to be with someone who is so happy and motivated?” She also was active on Twitter in the past, frequently promoting her husband’s reality show.

5. Her Parents Were Croatian Immigrants

According to Croatia.org, Plese was born in Toronto, the daughter of Croatian immigrants who immigrated to Canada in 1959.

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