Robert Herjavec: Is He Dating ‘Dancing With The Stars’ Partner Kym Johnson?

Shark Tank star Robert Herjavec is rumored to be dating Dancing With The Stars partner Kym Johnson. When Johnson and Herjavec were shown on the debut of the 2015 of DWTS, Johnson was asked about a possible relationship with Herjavec and she laughed it off during rehearsals. But, Johnson was extremely impressed by Herjavec’s many expensive toys like his jet and his luxury car. Since they’ve started dancing together, the two have been spotted dining out together around Los Angeles and were even spotted sharing a quick smooch in the above video shot by TMZ. Though, Herjavec denied a relationship, the couple was all smiles when confronted about a potential relationship. Herjavec was also asked if their dating rumors were a publicity stunt, to which he replied “no.” The same response was given when the TMZ cameraman asked him if Johnson had met his children.

Herjavec and his wife Diane Please have separated after well over two decades together and they have three children together. After the couple split, Herjavec had a very rough time and he told People:

I just wanted to end it … It’s been a terribly difficult year. We were great parents and a great team, but over time we drifted apart.

When Herjavec’s children initially stopped speaking to him after the split, Herjavec says he was taken to a “dark place”. He said he stood on a balcony of his Toronto hotel room and contemplated jumping, but he took the initiative to seek help. He also credits Dancing With The Stars as a huge positive force helping him through the transition of ending his relationship with his wife.

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