‘Shark Tank’ Products on March 27 Rerun: Facts on the Companies

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On March 27, Shark Tank re-aired an episode from March of last year. It was in honor of Veteran’s Small Business Week and featured companies that were all started by veterans.

Heavy interviewed all the entrepreneurs. We’ve outlined them in order of their appearance on the show.

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1. The Natural Grip

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We interviewed owner Ashley Drake, who asked for $100,00 for 20 percent equity. Her company makes cotton reusable grips that protect your hands during a workout. Theirs is the only product on the market that uses your ring size to determine the measurement of your grip. It goes over your ring and middle finger.

Sharks Robert and Daymond both took the initiative into their own hands, by trying out the grips. “It was surprising to see them jump on the Rogue Fitness equipment and get to work, but when your hands are protected with The Natural Grip that is what everyone wants to do,” Drake said.

In the end, both of those Sharks gave them a deal. Daymond offered $100,000 for 40 percent, and wanted to put Reebok on the boxes. In response, Drake said she didn’t want “fancy people” wearing her grips. Robert originally offered $100,000 for 30 percent and then changed it to $125,000 for 25 percent. Then Daymond reworked his, offering $100,000 for 33 percent. In the end, Drake went with Robert’s offer.

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2. Priority One Canine

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Heavy interviewed Wade Morrell about his business which provides security dogs for families and individuals. Morrell and his wife Lori asked the Sharks for $75,000 for 15 percent of their company. These dogs are trained with the Morrell family or with other trainers’ families. They do not live in kennels.

The dogs are classified into three categories based on their abilities. A Level one canine costs $20,000, Level 2, $30,000 and a Level 3, $40,000. Breeds include German Shepherds, Dutch Shepherds, Belgian Malinois, Giant Schnauzers and Dobermans.

Although the couple wanted Daymond, who is a dog lover, he didn’t think he would be able to see a large return on his investment. They did not get a deal from any of the Sharks.

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3. Man-PACK

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Heavy interviewed creator Aaron Tweedie about his bags that are designed with men in mind. He asked for $200,000 for 29 percent stake in his company.

When we asked what makes his bag masculine, he answered, “It’s not just one thing that defines masculinity. It’s a lot of things, and an important facet of the brand is defining that masculinity is being prepared and confident. Even confident enough to carry a bag if you need it. Because the bag is a tool, not a fashion statement.”

He did not get a deal with the Sharks.

Buy the Man-PACK here.

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4. Bottle Breacher

Eli and Jen Crane asked for $150,000 for 10 percent equity stake. They make 50-caliber bottle openers, made from recycled bullets. Mark and Kevin split the deal, putting in $75,000 each and getting 10 percent a piece. We interviewed the couple to see how they’ve progressed. ““The first week after we aired on Shark Tank we sold 60 times the normal amount we would in a week,” they said.

Eli is a former Navy SEAL and that training helps him every day in his business. “When you’re the leader of a business or in combat, if you start freaking out, then everyone around you will do the same,” he explained. “Running a start-up, especially one with huge national exposure, can be very stressful. It’s important to be passionate and communicate your intentions and directions but do so clearly, concisely and with confidence.”

Read our full interview with the Cranes here:

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