St. Patrick’s Day T-Shirts: The Funniest Ones to Buy on Amazon

Put the fun in your St. Patrick’s Day shenanigans with these funny T-shirts. These themed tees are sure to start the party whether you are on a pub crawl, at a bar or partying at someone’s house.

They are all available on Amazon, so you have time to get them before the holiday.

1. Kiss Me I’m Irish or Drunk or Whatever

st patricks day

Here’s a fun take on the quintessential “Kiss Me, I’m Irish” St. Patrick’s Day shout-out. It might get you a kiss at the bar or party you’re at, and if not, “whatever.”

Buy it for $12.95.

2. Keep Calm And Leprechaun

st patricks day, st patricks day shirts

During your shenanigans, you may have to pause, reflect and remind yourself to Keep Calm. Just look at your tee, take a deep breath and continue partying.

Buy the women’s version for $16.99.

Buy the men’s version for 16.99.

3. Rainbow Suspenders

st patricks day, st patricks day shirts, st patricks day funny shirts

Wear this colorful suspender tee to keep you looking cool this holiday. And who knows, there may be a pot of gold at the end of your rainbow this St. Patrick’s Day.

Buy it for $14.95.

4. Ginger Pride


This cute tee is perfect for the red-haired revelers. It will definitely be a conversation starter at your festivities.

Buy it for $14.95.

5. I Shamrock Beer

beer t shirts, st patricks day beer

This shirt will pay homage to the fact that you love drinking beer. What better day to show it than on St. Patrick’s? Just don’t spill on the shirt!

Buy it for $12.99.

6. Kiss Me I’m Irish…ish

irish t shirts, ireland t shirt

Not everyone is Irish, but wants to join in the fun on St. Patrick’s Day. Celebrate your honorary roots with this tee, which might even get you a kiss.

Buy it for $16.99.

7. Irish Or Not Buy Me A Shot

st patricks day drinking t shirt

This V-neck tee is for women and will be a great conversation starter at the bar.

Buy it for $6.99.

8. Drinks Well With Others

t shirts st patricks day, funny t shirts st patricks

Show the people you are with that you are the perfect drinking companion with this telling tee.

Buy it for $12.99.