‘The Bachelor’ 2015 Spoilers: Women Tell All

Tonight is the “Women Tell All” special for The Bachelor 2015, when all the contestants get to confront each other about the season as well as ask the star Chris Soules about the decisions he made on the show. One person who had questions for him was Kaitlyn Bristowe. Bristowe wanted to know why he took Becca Tilley aside to figure out if she should be kept around, but didn’t give her the same courtesy. She wanted to know why he made her stand through an entire rose ceremony only to send her home. Soules had difficulty answering this question because he said he was falling in love with three women and at that point, he had to be selfish and try to figure out what fit for his life. The comment that didn’t sit well with Bristowe was that he said he could pretty much flip a coin at that point to see who should stay. Host Chris Harrison’s take on how Bristowe felt was this:

She was a little emotional, but then a little disappointed and mad. I think she felt like she gave him what he wanted, which was to open up and say I love you. She doesn’t regret that, but at the same time, she got reassurance from him and he turns around and breaks up with her. It was the proverbial rug being ripped from under her.

Another girl in the spotlight was contestant Carly Waddell, who got some backlash for some of her comedic and catty comments behind-the-scenes. Contestant Jillian tells her, “Your insecurity and jealousy just shine through!” Jillian also brings up a story about Carly bashing her in a limo ride to Chris Soules. Check out the heated exchange in the below video clip:

Kelsey Poe was also in the hot seat as Harrison asked her why she thinks she’s so despised by the other women. She said that she was told she was condescending and “used big words,” to which some of the contestants scoffed and felt her response was a joke (not taking her seriously).

Host Chris Harrison spoke with TV Guide about what went on during the “Women Tell All” episode, explaining:

Britt was the star of the show and is still, I think, in love with the guy. It was brutal. She leaned in on Carly [because she] felt if things had been different, if the girls hadn’t sabotaged her, she and Chris would’ve ended up together. But it was the craziest ‘Tell All.’ Usually we have one or two beats we’re really looking for. We went in thinking Kelsey would be two segments and Britt will be two segments.

One contestant who really fought for Britt’s integrity in the special was Jillian.

Ashley Salter returns to the show with an onion, explaining that she was inspired by the show to start growing them. She gives host Chris Harrison one of the onions as a gift and even offers to autograph it for him. Harrison also reportedly extends a Bachelor In Paradise invitation to Ashley S. Check it out in the above video.

At the end of it all, Chris Soules told Extra, the experience was scary and painful. He also said that he is currently happy and in love, very excited about the decision he’s made. Kelsey Poe told the media source that the experience felt like the death of her husband all over again. Britt Nilsson said that it wasn’t fun to be the girl that wasn’t liked. Bristowe, on the other hand, felt relieved to get her feelings out to Soules.