The Home T Enters the ‘Shark Tank’: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

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The Home T entered the Shark Tank on March 20th. The company makes t-shirts that honor your state.

Heavy interviewed Ryan Shell about his clothing, which is all made in the U.S.

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1. A Couple Had the Idea

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Ryan, a North Carolina native and his wife, who is from upstate New York, wanted to embark on a joint business venture, and were collaborating on a bunch of different ideas. “But while missing home one day the idea of The Home T came to us one day,” Shell explained. Their first shirt paid homage to New York.

2. Celebs Wear Them

The Bachelor’s Chris Soules wore his Iowa tee and Michael Sam wore his Texas one on Dancing with the Stars. “I had no idea. When I saw him wearing it on Dancing with the Stars I nearly jumped up off the couch. Those types of moments are really cool to see. Our shirts are extremely high quality and everyone really loves how insanely soft they are,” Shell said.

While Shell said all the t shirts do well, he did see a surge in sales of the state that a celebrity wears.

3. Sales Support MS

The couple feels a person connection to Multiple Sclerosis. In fact, Shell said that it has impacted his life from the early age of 14. “My first experience raising money for the cause was for an event called the Tour de Tanglewood back home in North Carolina. The event is put on by the National Multiple Sclerosis Society and is held all across the United States. It’s really awesome,” he explained.

When the company was created, the Shells knew they wanted to donate some of their profits to fight the disease and felt the National Multiple Sclerosis Society was the best fit. “Our funds are directly earmarked for research. They’ve been a great partner for us and we couldn’t be more committed to the cause,” he said. “I’d love nothing more than to someday raise $1 million for the cause. That would be one of the happiest days of my life.” he added.

4. Ryan Auditioned for ‘Shark Tank’ ‘On a Whim’

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Shell decided he wanted to try out for the reality show and hopped on a plane to Boston for a casting call. “I’d never done anything of that nature before so it was pretty wild,” he said. “In fact, I still stay in touch with some of the folks I met in line on that freezing cold morning in Boston.”

5. He Wasn’t Too Nervous in the ‘Tank’

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When asked if he was nervous in the Tank, he replied:

Overall, no, I wasn’t really nervous when facing the sharks. The opening pitch has a high-level of focus and is the one thing I needed to memorize. If anything, I was more nervous about the memorization part because that’s never been a strength of mine. If I didn’t know my numbers or wasn’t confident in my brand, then I probably would have been extremely nervous because the experience can be intimidating.