‘The Walking Dead’ Season 5, Episode 14: Recap & Spoilers

4. The Young Survivor Who Got Stuck in a Tough Predicament Didn’t Make It Out Alive…

Walking Dead Season 5

The zombies coming Abraham’s way were taken out with gunfire and melee shots from a nearby shovel. The other men nearby helped him take out the remaining horde still in his way. Jessie’s husband could then be seen making his way over to Rick’s house to talk and share a beer. Rick spoke with the man about loss, particularly his wife. Jessie’s husband name was revealed to be Pete, who made it known that they should be friends.

Eugene tended to a still unconscious Tara inside the safe room. He decided to pick up Tara and carry her to safety. He protected her while he sot down any zombies that came his way. Glenn and his crew tried pulling out their fellow survivor from the jagged edge he was still stuck in. One of them decided to leave, which left Glenn and Noah to shoot down any more zombies that came their way. Glenn was then forced to leave the man he was trying to save. This young survivor was then torn to shreds as more zombies feasted on his trapped body. That young survivor was none other than Deanna’s own son, Aiden.

5. RIP Noah…

Abraham managed to save the girl who was shot from before. Francine, the girl who got saved, confronted the man who wanted to leave her to die. Abraham made sure everyone got back to work on protecting themselves and building their protective wall. Noah and Glenn made a run for it outside of the building they went to. More zombies made their way towards them and eventually trapped them inside a revolving door. The man who almost left Francine to die spoke about Abraham’s strong leadership to Deanna. Deanna spoke to him in front of an interested Maggie, who knew it was right for a member of her group to take another position of power. Maggie then made her way outside to do some more work.

Jessie’s son actually managed to take some more chocolate to help Carol bake some cookies. The boy looked to speak with Carol, but Carol remained standoffish the whole while. Carol finally came around and speak with the boy. The boy then admitted to breaking his mother’s owl statue to Carol. Carol admitted that she stole the guns for protection. The boy (Sam) wanted a gun for someone, but before Carol could find out who he ran off.

Glenn, Noah and the other survivor remained trapped within the revolving door. Eugene made the undead come his way when he came around in the truck with loud distracting music. While a few zombies managed to walk off, everyone looked to get out of their predicament. Unfortunately, Glenn was unable to save Noah. Noah was then ripped apart by the zombies while Glenn watched in utter sadness.

6. Father Gabriel Told Deanna About His True Opinions of Rick and His Group

Eugene managed to locate one of the survivors. The survivor chose to try and run off with the truck, but Glenn and Eugene fought him off and stuffed him in the back of their truck. Carol made her way to Jessie’s home to speak with her husband and Sam, but Jessie’s husband didn’t let her come in to speak. One the way back to Alexandria, Glenn and Eugene looked on sadly at a still fallen Tara and the words that remained on the 1st page of Noah’s book – “This is only the beginning.”

Father Gabriel spoke with Deanna about the unspeakable things that he says Rick and his group committed. Carol found Rick to speak about what she thinks is up with Jessie and her family. Maggie could hear the former pastor speak about her and how her group would be the ones to help tear down Alexandria. Scenes of Abraham and other members of the group working around Alexandria played as Father Gabriel spoke about them all. Carol and Rick went over their plan to kill Jessie’s seemingly abusive husband.

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