Tony & Diana McCollister – ‘Neighbors With Benefits’

Tony and Diana McCollister

This married couple are the lead swingers on new show Neighbors With Benefits. Check out their best photos as you click through our gallery and to check out more pics of the show's cast, click here. So, what is Neighbors With Benefits? The official show synopsis provided by A&E reads: The series follows multiple married couples as they court prospective partners and interact with friends and participants, all while going about their typical everyday lives as parents, professionals, soccer moms and little league coaches. Even with a strict set of rules to prevent taking extramarital relationships too far, each couple must deal with the varying effects of living this lifestyle, both inside and outside of their marriages. The series will examine the pitfalls that the lifestyle creates for some, proving that it’s not without its challenges and possible personal devastation. While some of the couples on the block believe this way of living strengthens their union, others try to warn potential recruits against the consequences along with its disregard for the sanctity of marriage. As far as Tony and Diana go, they are the leaders on the show and A&E writes: In the premiere episode we meet Tony and Diana, who were the first to move into the neighborhood and serve as the leaders for the movement. They are very open about their lifestyle and often serve as the center of the activity – hosting events and bringing new members into the community. (Facebook)

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