Twin Z Pillow Enters the ‘Shark Tank’

How to Use the Twin Z Feeding & Support PillowThe Twin Z is a fantastic feeding and support pillow for parents of twins! It allows moms to not only Breastfeed but also to Bottle Feed with the same pillow and in complete comfort! It has patented back support unlike any other pillow on the market. It is also great for Tummy Time, Support, Infant…2013-11-06T19:06:09.000Z

Twin Z enters the Shark Tank on March 6. Owner and creator Michelle Barsosky pitched her unique baby product.

The idea came about when Barsosky had twin girls and was uncomfortable when breastfeeding them. She did have a special twin breastfeeding pillow, but the shape was not conforming to her or her babies’ bodies. She also felt it important that the product be one piece, so her girls could snuggle together. After a search, she realized that there was nothing on the market to fit her needs.

Her invention, the Twin Z Pillow, can be used both for breast and bottle feeding. The sides of the pillow come around the mother’s waist and the front adjustable buckle holds it in place. The babies sit on either side of her. Watch the video above to see how it works.

Buy the Twin Z pillow for $99.99 here.

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