Vince Sly Eliminated on ‘Survivor’ – 3/4/2015

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Tonight was an eventful episode of Survivor. The episode starts off with Dan losing his underwear in the ocean. Then, more nudity follows with several cast members stripping off their clothing during the show. Nina on the “No Collar” tribe feels left out when a couple of the girls go skinny-dipping without her. Other tribe members feel she needs a thicker skin.

For rewards and immunity, the three tribes competed in an obstacle on the water. White Collar was the ultimate winner, Blue Collar came in second and No Collar was the losing tribe, which meant they had to meet at tribal council to eliminate a competitor. As a result, some of the members of the No Collar tribe want to vote off Nina and split the vote.

In the end, the person voted home at Tribal Council was very surprising, with Vince being the second person voted off the show. The votes were scattered among Vince, Jen and Nina, but Vince Sly was the one who got the axe.

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