Whitney Bischoff on ‘The Bachelor’ 2015

Whitney Bischoff is reported to be the winner of The Bachelor 2015 and fiancee to Chris Soules, according to Reality Steve and several other media. A source told Us Weekly that:

The runner-up wasn’t as into him. It really came down to a feeling. She just didn’t feel it.

In previews of the finale, we’ve seen Bischoff profess her love to Chris Soules and emotionally tell his family all about her feelings for him, while Becca Tilley’s sit-down is a bit shaky with Soules’ mother when she’s asked if she’s ready to get married. When it came to choosing between Bischoff and Tilley, Soules admitted that:

I was so stressed out. I’d wake up with my heart beating 7 million miles per hour, hyperventilating, and feeling like I couldn’t breathe. I had a lot of sleepless nights.

Despite Bischoff pouring her heart out about Chris Soules, the break up rumors have already started. Celeb Dirty Laundry has written:

As a matter of fact, rumors have already begin making their rounds claiming that Chris Soules and Whitney Bischoff have already broken up. What went wrong? More like, what didn’t go wrong? After the Season 19 finale was filmed, Whitney Bischoff reportedly began having reservations about moving to Arlington and giving up her career in Chicago. And, to top it off, Chris Soules got a taste of Bachelor fame and had no intention of settling down and playing house with his fiancée. Instead, The Bachelor decided he wanted to live in California and join ABC’s series Dancing With The Stars – which is not going over well with Whitney. Chris has reportedly been in contact with his former fiancée, Sheena Schreck, who also lives in California. Even worse, rumors are out that Chris is cheating on Whitney with Sheena Schreck already!

We doubt that this rumor is true and there is no source listed on the website for the above allegations.

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