WWE WrestleMania 31: The Results & Highlights You Need to Know

Rusev (c) vs. John Cena (WWE United States Championship)

WrestleMania 31

Winner: The new United States Champion, John Cena!

Results/Highlights: Rusev’s entrance was backed by the Russian National Anthem and a group of marching soldiers. Rusev even arrived driving a tank while waving his flag. John Cena made a grand entrance himself with an ode to the United States. Rusev made sure he was announced first. The match started wit Rusev taunting Cena, but Cena laid him out with a clothesline. Rusev got back up and put Cena down with a spinning kick. Rusev punished Cena with powerful strikes and a rolling suplex. Rusev picked Cena bak up for more punishment, but Cena fought him back with punches. Rusev shook them off and pushed Cena into the corner. Rusev dominated Cena with a cannon bomb splash into the corner. While Cena was out cold, Rusev showcased his Russian flag. Cena kicked the flag right into Rusev’s shoulder and then began using his signature comeback repertoire to hurt Rusev. Cena went for an AA, but Rusev countered with a spinning back suplex. Rusev went for his super kick, but Cena dodged it and looked to lock in his STF. Rusev countered this submission hold attempt by grabbing Cena and landing a spinning side slam. On the rope rope, both men jockeyed for good positioning. Cena knocked Rusev off the top rope and landed his flying leg drop right on top of Rusev’s head. Cena went for a pin right after, but Rusev kicked out. Cena looked to finish off Rusev with an AA, but Rusev fell out of the hold and hit his super kick. Rusev went for his Accolade by landing his stomp to Cena’s spine, but Cena dodged it. Rusev went to splash Cena in the corner, but Cena caught him with his boots and a Tornado DDT. Cena’s pin attempt right after that series of moves failed, though. Both men struggled to get back to their feet. Once they got back up, Rusev and Cena landed punch after punch after punch. Rusev used his knee to put down Cena on two occasions, which was followed by a spinebuster to finish things off. Rusev’s frustration set in once Cena kicked out of a pin attempt. Rusev went for his boot to Cena’s back, but Cena locked him into the STF. Lana distracted the ref by flinging her shoe in the ring, which helped Rusev grab the bottom ring rope. Cena went for another move, but he got caught in a Fall Away Slam after a mild distraction. Rusev took to the top rope and used a great flying headbutt to inure Cena even further. Rusev looked to lock in his Accolade soon enough, but Cena fought it off. Cena broke out a new move when he hopped off the middle rope and landed a Stunner type maneuver on Rusev. Rusev recovered after Cena’s next array of moves as he landed another superkick. Rusev finally locked Cena into his Accolade while the ref pleaded for Cena’s response. Cena powered himself back up and even broke the Accolade hold. Cena then caught Rusev in the STF. Rusev got out and actually found himself running at Cena while he was strewn near the rope arguing with Lana. Rusev shockingly knocked down Lana and turned around right into a final AA.

The Undertaker vs. Bray Wyatt

WrestleMania 31

Winner: The Undertaker!

Results/Highlights: Bray Wyatt made his creepy entrance as he was followed by a crew of masked scarecrows. The Undertaker appeared as the unbroken warrior he’s known to be. Taker rocked a look similar to his comeback attire at WrestleMania 20. Wyatt began yelling to himself as he stared down Taker. Wyatt charged Taker but he got put down with a big boot. Taker began using his strikes to power down his opponent. Taker began driving his shoulder into Wyatt’s shoulder. Taker went for his Old School maneuver and brought Wyatt down to the mat. As Taker went to the ropes for a big move, Wyatt knocked him down a clothesline. Wyatt then clotheslined him over the top rope, but Taker fell right onto his feet and stared down Wyatt. Taker pulled Wyatt to the outside and then landed his signature ring apron leg drop. Back in the ring, Taker splashed Wyatt in the corner went for his big boot. Wyatt put Taker down though with his flying cross body block. Wyatt stuck Taker with rabid punches while he was laid out in the corner of the ring. Wyatt backed Taker into another corner with more strikes and then landed a running splash of his own. Wyatt then locked in a armlock submission to Taker after a failed pin attempt. Taker got back to his feet, but he was put back down with more punches from Wyatt. Taker crawled towards Wyatt and fell out. Wyatt pulled him to the steel ring apron and then launched himself right into Taker’s head. Wyatt willed himself back up after slamming into the steel ring steps. Wyatt went at Taker again, but then he got locked in Taker’s Hell’s Gate submission. Wyatt threw even more punches to break out of the hold soon after. Taker went for another move but Wyatt picked him up for a huge Uranage side slam. Then Wyatt dropped all of his weight onto Taker with his cannon ball splash. Wyatt then entered into his signature taunt and looked ready to finish taker off with his Sister Abigail. Taker fought out of that hold by grabbing Wyatt’s throat and landing a nice Chokeslam. Taker then landed his Tombstone Piledriver on Wyatt, but Wyatt shocked the crowd and kicked out. The look on Taker’s face afterwards was priceless. Taker went for another Tombstone, but Wyatt caught him off guard with a Sister Abigail. Wyatt was then shocked himself when Taker kicked out. Wyatt then entered his possessed crawl, but Taker sprung back up to scare Wyatt out of his taunt. Wyatt and Taker began exchanging blows over and over. Wyatt got Taker down to his knees with punches and kicks that looked to signal the end. Wyatt used Taker’s own taunt, kissed Taker on the forehead and tried to go for another Sister Abigail. Taker fought out of the hold and finished Wyatt with another Tombstone Piledriver.

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