WWE WrestleMania 31: The Results & Highlights You Need to Know

Brock Lesnar (c) (with Paul Heyman) vs. Roman Reigns (WWE World Heavyweight Championship)

WrestleMania 31

Winner: The New WWE World Heavyweight Champion, Seth Rollins!

Results/Highlights: Reigns made his entrance from the crowd while he was surrounded by rabid fans and several security guards. A fireworks display followed after Reigns cocked back his fist and slammed it into the ring mat. Brock Lesnar got his own huge pyrotechnics spectacle during his entrance. Paul Heyman did his own introduction for his client. As soon as the bell rang, Reigns ran right into Lesnar with punches. Lesnar pushed him right into the ring corner, suplexed him and landed a quick F5. Lesnar didn’t go for a pin, though. Lesnar chose to start beating down Reigns with punches and even a Fisherman Suplex. Lesnar went for another suplex, but Reigns cracked him with back elbows. Reigns then went for several clotheslines, but Lesnar maintained his balance. Lesnar downed Reigns with another German Suplex and then a back suplex. Lesnar went right on ahead with his beatdown of Reigns with more strikes and German Suplexes. Reigns face-washed Lesnar and kept punching him to no avail. Lesnar suplexed Lesnar gut first right onto the top ring rope. Lesnar then landed a series of knees to Reigns’ head while he still strewn over the top rope. Lesnar then pushed Reigns right into the side barricade. Reigns got himself back into the match by dodging Lesnar’s shoulder thrust and landing knees and kicks to the head. Lesnar shook it all off though by dropping Reigns with a clothesline right to the outside. Lesnar came outside to torture his challenger even more. Back in the ring, Lesnar bounced Reigns off the rope with a Snap Suplex that threw him out of the ring. Reigns got pulled back into the ring with a Belly-to-Belly Suplex from Lesnar. Lesnar then dropped Reigns with a 2nd F5, but Reigns managed to kick out. Lesnar took off his gloves and slapped Reigns while he was laid out on his back. Lesnar used even more of his strikes to make Reigns falter even more. Reigns began laughing, which infuriated Lesnar. Lesnar suplexed Reigns over and over, then landed a 3rd F5. But Reigns still kicked out. Lesnar decided to fling Reigns right back outside the ring. Lesnar looked to push Reigns into the steel ring post, but Reigns pushed him instead. Lesnar began bleeding, which caused Heyman to worry. Reigns got back up and landed a Superman Punch, but Lesnar still stood up. Reigns hit another one, then went for a 3rd attempt. Lesnar caught him for another suplex, but Reigns fought out of it and struck him with another Superman Punch. Reigns landed two Spears on Lesnar, but the champion kicked out. Reigns jumped off high for another Superman Punch, but got dropped with another F5. All of a sudden, Seth Rollins ran out to cash in his MITB briefcase. Rollins pushed Reigns out of the ring and landed a Curb Stomp on Lesnar. Rollins went for another Curb Stomp on Lesnar, but Lesnar caught him in an F5 lockup. Reigns speared Lesnar while Rollins was still held high. Rollins won the title after landing a Curb Stomp on a weakened Reigns.

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