Agueda Lopez, Luis Fonsi’s Wife: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Agueda Lopez

David Bisbal, Agueda Lopez and Luis Fonsi (Instagram/Agueda Lopez)

This year, Agueda Lopez celebrates her first wedding anniversary with Luis Fonsi. The couple have a 3-year-old daughter named Mikaela, who inspires her daddy — an award winner songwriter and who will perform at the Latin Billboard Awards 2015, on April 30 — to write new songs like “Corazon Multicolor,” which included in his new album 8. Mikaela has also inspired her mom in the designing department.

​and as a coach in “Nuestra Belleza Latina” (Univision), besides being the co-host of “iShowBusiness Extra” for the U.S. and Latin America.
Currently Águeda presents the variety show and welfare VITAL (by R90D) transmitted by Mundo Fox, Channel 8.
Is also worth mentioning that a successful businesswoman, with her ​​own line of children’s clothing called “Mikaboo” in honor of his daughter Mikaela (

Here’s what you need to know:

1.Agueda Lopez is a Model

Águeda López. BookÁgueda López, nació en Córdoba, España un 21 de Agosto de 1981. Paso su infancia en diferentes ciudades hasta que llego a Madrid, en donde estudio periodismo. Fue bailarina clásica hasta los 13 años, y, luego, su exitosa carrera como modelo gracias a un concurso de belleza. En el año 2000 causo furor en España…2014-10-20T16:31:31.000Z

Lopez was born in Spain. She studied journalism in Madrid but her beauty made her enter the modeling world. Lopez has traveled between Europe and the United States for modeling jobs in runways and fashion events.

2.Lopez had her Own Show in Univision

Agueda Lopez

(Instagram/Agueda Lopez)

After she became a mother, Lopez took a job on TV hosting her own segment titled “Mama al Rescate” on Despierta America, on Univision Networks. The Spanish model told Hoy, “As a mother, you are always worry on doing things better, like avoiding a fright with your child and you want to help them have a better development. In the segment we talk about useful and educational subjects.”

3.Lopez Coached in ‘Nuestra Belleza Latina’

Águeda López participa en Nuestra Belleza LatinaEsta semana Denise contó con la ayuda de la modelo Agueda López para enseñarle a sus chicas a posar pese a las circunstancias.2014-05-03T01:28:36.000Z

She made an appearance on Nuestra Belleza Latina 2014 to give useful tips to the beauty contestants in the reality show. The beauty queen Denise Quiñones invited the Spanish model to help her girls how to model in a photo shoot.

4.Lopez has a Children Clothing Line

Agueda Lopez

(Instagram/Agueda Lopez)

Lopez has her own children clothing line called Mikaboo, in honor of her daughter Mikaela. She picks Spanish, Italian and French material for the cloth she designs for infants and up to four years old. Lopez chose Puerto Rico to launch her clothing line. Lopez told Terra: “Puerto Rican people have a sense of fashion similar to Spain, ladies want to dress up their daughters like princesses.”

5.Lopez is Learning Accounting

Agueda Lopez

(Instagram/Agueda Lopez)

The model,journalist and designer is adding a new title to her resume. She is taking some accounting classes because she is handling the budget in her new company Mikaboo. The reason? She wants to become a full-time designer and work from home.

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