Anahi: 5 Fast Facts You Need To Know

Anahi, Anahi Manuel Velasco

Anahi is getting marry to the governor of Chiapas Manuel Velasco on April 11. (Getty)

Anahi will be walking down the aisle to marry governor Manuel Velasco, this Saturday in Chiapas, Mexico.

But there is a problem, Anahi has pink eye. On April 2, she posted a picture of her pink eye on Instagram announcing that she definitely had conjunctivitis. The 31-year-old Mexican singer has been posting more pictures of her eye and many fans are concerned since the wedding is this weekend.

However, there hasn’t been any reports of a cancellations because of the eye infection. Besides, Anahi went out on last Tuesday to celebrate her future husband’s 35th birthday.

But let’s find out more about the wedding.

Here’s what you need to know:

1.Anahi is Doing Planks to Look Great on her Wedding

Anahi, Anahi Manuel Velasco

Anahi is getting ready for her wedding. (Instagram/Anahi)

Anahi is counting the days for her wedding and every second she needs to hold a plank. She is exercising as much as she can -even on Sundays- to look her best on her wedding day.

In the above picture, Anahi is multitasking by holding a plank while taking a selfie…interesting!

A good plank can give you a great workout. It can strengthen your abs, back, and core.

2.Anahi Hired Mexico’s First Lady Designer to Design for her Wedding Gown

Anahi, Anahi Manuel Velasco

The Mexican pop singer performing on stage, in 2010. (Getty)

The wedding dress is designed by the Mexican designer Benito Santos, who has work for Mexico’s First Lady Angelica Rivera.

Anahi’s wedding gown has white flowers embroidered by hand by various women in Chiapas.

3. Juan Gabriel Wrote a Song for the Newlyweds

Anahi, Anahi Manuel Velasco

Anahi and Manuel Velasco celebrating New Year’s Eve. (Instagram/Anahi)

Who’s going to sing at her wedding? Ana Gabriel and Julian Alvarez will be singing for the newlyweds a song written by Juan Gabriel (Spanish). The “Querida” singer wrote a song exclusively for the couple’s wedding. No report on the title or the lyrics of the song.

4.Anahi Met her Future Husband Through a Mutual Friend

Anahi, Anahi Manuel Velasco

Anahi and Manuel Velasco celebrating Valentine’s Day. (Instagram/Anahi)

Anahi and Velasco met in 2011 through a mutual friend. Anahi attended a political event when she was introduced to Velasco, who then was aspiring to become the governor of Chiapas. In August of 2012, the couple was caught taking a romantic stroll in New York. Then Anahi confirmed the romance by posting lovable images of them kissing. Since then her Instagram is filled with hearts and romantic messages for her future hubby.

5. Anahi Told her Closest Friends as Soon as she got Engaged

Anahi, Anahi Manuel Velasco, Anahi wedding, Anahi pink eye

Anahi shares her pink eye on Instagram. (Instagram/Anahi)

Velasco proposed to Anahi after a romantic dinner (Spanish) in January of 2013.

The ex RBD was thrilled and excited that she invited all of her closest friends to her house to make the announcement. Right after the engagement Anahi moved to Chiapas to support her fiancé’s job as a governor (Spanish). At the same time, she’s been busy organizing her wedding taking place this weekend with or without a pink eye.