Bethenny Frankel on ‘Real Housewives Of New York’

Bethenny Frankel - 'Real Housewives of New York'

Bethenny Frankel is back on the cast of the Real Housewives of New York after a three year hiatus. She branched off with her own reality shows to celebrate the birth of her daughter Bryn and her marriage to Jason Hoppy. In the meantime, she struck gold with her brand SkinnyGirl and now she's a multi-millionaire. She sold her brand to Fortune Brands’ Beam Global for $100 million, according to Reality Tea, and then designed her own luxury apartment to live in with her new family. Frankel also went on to have her own talk show, which failed within the year. Throughout its run, Frankel was dealing with the demise of her marriage to Hoppy and for legal reasons, she was unable to talk about the ordeal on the show. Frankel felt stifled on a scripted and light show as she's used to being real and unfiltered, which is why it was cancelled. Frankel had hired New York designers and mother-daughter duo Mariette Himes Gomez and Brooke Gomez, along with contractors, to remodel her Tribeca apartment and now her estranged husband Hoppy is living there. In turn, she has purchased another apartment and it's clear that she's bitter about Hoppy living in a home that she helped build and designed herself. The NY Daily News previously reported the reason that Frankel finally gave up her home, stating that: Both initially refused to move out of the multi-million dollar Hudson Street apartment they shared with their young daughter Bryn, and Frankel said Hoppy did everything he could to make her uncomfortable, including staring at her wordlessly, videotaping her and interrupting her whenever she’d try to spend time Bryn. That includes climbing into Bryn’s bed with her and Frankel, and then whispering in the failed talk show host’s ear “You’re done. You’re finished,” at a decibel Bryn “couldn’t really hear but I would.” Unfortunately, while filming RHONY, Frankel is renovating her new apartment and is living in a hotel. Frankel and Hoppy's daughter Bryn will most likely not be seen on the show this season, especially since the divorce is still underway. For more details on Frankel, click through our gallery to check out her best Instagram photos.




Never watched RHONY until now, thanks HULU ! Now, Bethenny you really couldn’t see Hoppy wasn’t in love with you ? Girl, you get what you ask for. And, Jill your behavior reminds me somewhat of my own. Think you should be thankful you were fired, quit, whichever. In the middle of Season 3….tah tah.


The break up of the marriage was do to Hoppy’s inability to accept that Bethenney made more money and surpassed his professional successes. Rather than supporting Bethenney’s endeavors and successes he chose to constantly belittle her in front of others, including their child. People do this to elevate their low self esteem and failures. Your assessment that her “psycho mindset” was at fault is wrong. It is obvious that Hoppy only wants the apartment because it is so important to Bethenney. If Jason truly cared about his daughter he would get a job, find another apartment, and stop with the cruelty. Are you aware that Jason Hoppy has been living off of Bethenney’s dime since the moment they moved in together up to an including the present?

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