Blaire & Markie, ‘Catfish’: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

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On tonight’s episode of Catfish, the titled of the show is “Blaire & Markie” and the official synopsis reads: Even though a young woman faced heartache from an Instagram lover, and moved on, she is still eager to meet. For all the information on tonight’s episode and its subjects, check out the below facts and be sure to tune in throughout the show for updated information.

1. Both Blaire and “Markie” Have Social Media Accounts With Different Names

Let’s start out with Blaire – Blaire has one Facebook account with the name Blaire Vinchenzo and another with Blaire Laventhal as the page name. Blaire’s Twitter page goes with the Laventhal last name.

As for “Markie,” her Instagram account name is Azori Sanchez and then she has two Facebook accounts – Azori Yukishima and Markie MrsComa Sanchez.

Show hosts Nev Schulman, Max Joseph and Blaire track down Markie’s home address via Geotag online after Markie doesn’t answer their phone calls. When they get to the house, they meet Markie’s father Mark and he says that Markie has been gone for a couple days. Later on, Markie meets up with Blaire and the guys at a nearby park. Markie admits that she has a lying problem and says that she’s completely in love with Blaire, but host Nev Schulman doesn’t buy it.

2. Blaire Was Homeless When She Met Markie

Blaire moved from New York to San Antonio, Texas, but when she met Markie, she was actually homeless and living in her friend’s car. She had an argument with her parents and they kicked her out. Markie had told Blaire that she had it rough always, saying her brother passed away, and that she didn’t get along with her father either.

Blaire currently lives with her friend Terah, who is raising her sister’s child. Blaire helps raise the child as well. By the end of the show, Blaire gets legal guardianship of the child and moves to Florida after parting ways with Terah.

3. “Markie” Has a Thing for Freddy Krueger

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In one of Markie, aka Azori’s Facebook accounts, she calls herself Azori Krueger and her Instagram account name reads: nightmareonyourstreet. I’d say that she has a thing for Freddy Krueger … that or she just likes scary things.

When Nev Schulman and Max Joseph get ahold of one of Markie’s exes (Alex), he says that Markie used to lie to him a lot and that she could lie about almost anything. Another guy that Schulman and Joseph talked to (Chris) revealed that Markie hadn’t been in school because she got in a fight and had a knife in her backpack. Chris also reveals that Markie had another girlfriend who she Skyped with. Meanwhile, she never video-chatted with Blaire.

4. Markie Faked Getting Kidnapped?

Is Markie a compulsive liar? Find out tonight on Catfish: The TV Show.

Posted by Catfish: The TV Show on Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Judging my the differing online names along with show hosts Nev Schulman and Max Joseph’s reactions, Markie may be a giant liar, especially because Markie supposedly got kidnapped right before the she and Blaire were originally scheduled to meet. A week after that, Markie called Blaire from a mental hospital and then called off their relationship? When Markie called it off, she said she still had feelings for her ex.

Markie confesses that she wasn’t kidnapped, that she went willingly. She then tells a very strange story about why she went with this close, personal friend, but it didn’t completely make sense to the guys.

5. Blaire Says That Markie Was the Reason She Didn’t Take Her Life

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When Blaire met Markie, she was in a very dark place and says that Markie is the reason she didn’t end her life. Blaire contemplated walking into traffic on the local freeway, but says that Markie saved her life and happened to contact her every time that Blaire thought of “doing something stupid.”

Unfortunately for Markie, Blaire started dating someone named Katarina after she was dumped by Markie. This definitely upset Markie.

In the end, Blaire tells Markie that if she wants to be in her life, she has to be 100% honest with her. Now the two are good friends and talk about ever day.

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