‘Daredevil’ Season 1, Episode 1 Recap: Top 5 Highlights

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Check out our recap of Marvel’s new Netflix show, Daredevil – Season 1, Episode 1.

1. Matt Murdock and the Origins of His Blindness are Explored

Daredevil Netflix

Matt Murdock’s blindness strikes him from an early age. His father races to save him when he find him laying in the middle of the street, bloodied and covered with some fluids on his eyes. Matt’s father frantically calls for help while he keeps his son alive. An old man nearby is rescued from a vehicle, who tells Matt’s father that his son saved him from the accident that happened beforehand. The fluids around Matt’s eyes bring on the blind sickness that drives him to scream to his father “I CAN’T SEE!” Fast forward to Matt’s adult years, he goes into a confessional session and explains his father’s boxing origins. He asks religious man beside from forgiveness – not for what he’s done, but for what he’s about to do.

Once evening falls, a pair of human traffickers can be seen loading up their latest batch of helpless women. Matt, now adorned in his 1st piece of crime fighting gear, arrives just in time to save the ladies and beat down the criminals in front of him. Matt’s display of martial arts and mastery of his other senses comes into play as he beats down every thug there is.

2. Matt Opens Up His 1st Legal Firm With an Associate Named Foggy Nelson

Matt and his legal associate Foggy Nelson go into opening up their own law firm in Hell’s Kitchen, New York. They come upon a building that is turned into their base of operations. Afterwards, the view of a woman with a bloody knife in her hand comes into view. A deceased man lies near her, with obvious stabs to the body. The police break in and tell the now frantic woman to get on the ground and relinquish the knife. She adamantly screams that this crime wasn’t her doing, though. A policeman tips off Nelson that the woman is named Karen Page.

Matt and Nelson meet up with their 1st client, Miss Page. She explains the story of how she met the man who was found dead in her apartment. They both went out for a night of drinks, but everything went awry when Karen found him lying dead near her. She makes a plea for her innocence, which is something Matt picks up on through his sense of hearing. Karen’s steady heartbeat clues him into the fact that she just may be telling the truth.

3. It Turns Out Someone is Out to Ruin Karen’s Life Due to the Shady Business Dealings She Found Out About

A mysterious man cloaked in a suit sits right next to a man in the middle of his lunch. It turns out this man works for a very dangerous boss, who wants his payment from the man on his lunch break. The suited man threatens the man alongside him by letting him know his daughter could be killed at any moment. The man is then forced to do whatever the suited individual asks of him. Back at Matt and Nelson’s office, they go over their plan to make sure their new client is found innocent. While laying in her jail cell, Page is attacked by an officer. That officer turns out to be the man threatened in the park earlier, so he’s a dirty cop who’s been sent to kill Page for some reason. Karen manages to fight her captor off, though.

Karen is eventually set free once Matt and Nelson arrive to take her out of the grips of her crooked captors. Once all three of them arrive back in the law offices, Karen explains that she doesn’t know who’s out to get her but she does know she’s on someone’s hit list. It turns out she discovered some illegal forms alluding to embezzlement at her place of work. This explains the fact that someone is watching her and tried to set her up for murder due to what she had found out.

4. Daredevil Springs Into Action to Save Karen

Matt brings Karen to his apartment for the night to keep her safe. Karen inquires about Matt’s blindness, how he got it and if he ever remembers how it felt to see. Matt answers the questions in kind. Matt then turns the tables on Karen by asking her a few questions. His questioning of a particular document that she may hold that has her life being threatened elicits a faster heartbeat. Karen denies having access to the document in question, but it’s pretty clear she’s lying due to Matt picking up on her tense heartbeats.

A building adorned with word Union Allied can be seen. An old man, two Russian mobsters and two Japanese individuals await the suited man for a meeting. It turns out that the suited man works under a very important boss, who happens to run things at Union Allied. The two mobsters come up short on their payments, which they explain is all because of the cloaked man who released their captured women. The suited man hears their story and also explains they’re handling their problem (Karen). Karen ends up sneaking out of Matt’s apartment to go to her’s. She finds the secret hiding place of the item Matt alluded to her having during their Q&A session. Before Karen can leave with the item she just retrieved, a hitman knocks her down and takes it from her. Before he can kill, Daredevil arrives to fight the man. Their heated scuffle eventually sends them tumbling outside of a nearby window.

5. Matt and Nelson Clear Karen’s Name

A flashback sequence shows us how Matt’s father wanted him to constantly study and grow up to be a better man than him. Matt touches his father’s brutal wounds from boxing. This dark memory prompts Daredevil to get back into the fight. After a severe beatdown doled out from both men, Daredevil soon lands the finishing blow. He recovers the USB containing the info of her company’s illegal practices. He chooses to place the beaten hitman and the USB right on the steps of the police station in order to bring the truth of Union Allied’s dirty deals to light. The next morning, the whole world knows of the company’s corrupt practices. The suited man turns out to be Wesley, Kingpin’s right-hand man. They make plans to clean up the dirt that has just been exposed of their business.

Karen’s name is cleared and she gifts her lawyers with a celebratory dinner. Karen decides to now work for the very man who saved her life. Matt heads to the gym afterwards to train, while an older gentleman named Leland Owlsley can be seen making some unseen changes to Union Allied’s accounts. The crooked police officer who unsuccessfully tried to kill Karen ended up committing suicide. The hitman has been found hanging in his cell. An older Japanese woman paces around as a large group of blind men and women package up cocaine. A Japanese man is seen going over his plans to build something important. One of the drug traffickers from before gets gifted with a new firearm. The two mobsters come up on a car and capture the child inside and leave the father broken. Daredevil listens to the boy’s cries from a roof, which springs him into action.

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