Eduardo Yáñez, ‘Amores con Trampa’: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Eduardo Yanez, Amores con Trampa, Eduardo Yanez Amores con Trampa, Eduardo Yanez Univision

Eduardo Yáñez is Facundo Carmona in Amores con Trampa. (Univision)

Eduardo Yáñez is back on TV starring in the new comedic telenovela Amores con Trampa, on Univision Network. The 54-year-old Mexican plays Facundo Carmona, who grows up in the countryside, loves animals and is married to Maria Carmona -played by Africa Zavala.

Amores con Trampa, which is produced by Emilio Larrosa, is about a story of a humble family that receives $10 million dollars after they sell their land. Then, they move to the big city to find better opportunities. They also they take their farm animals with them. After settling into their new home, their rich neighbors, the Velasco family, are not thrilled about their arrival. But after the Velasco family finds out that they have lost all of their money they decide to befriend the Carmona family to find a way to take what they have. In the process of their new friendship, the clashes of cultures will create hilarious scenes and funny outcomes.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. Eduardo Yáñez Gets Upset With Univision for Editing a Scene from ‘Amores con Trampa’

On the first episode of Amores con Trampa, the viewers in Mexico got to see Facundo (Yáñez) helping a cow give birth. It was like a scene from Animal Planet (Watch video, above). Be ready, its pretty graphic. This scene wasn’t planned by production. What happened was that when they arrived to the location they found out the cow was in labor so they decided to film it and added into the telenovela.

Some people didn’t mind the scene but others were disgusted by it.

However, viewers in the United States didn’t get to see that vivid scene because it was edited out by Univision. Yáñez got upset and wrote a message on his twitter account saying that it is a miracle of life, a cow giving birth to a calf. He felt that his rights as an actor were violated.

2.Eduardo Yáñez Played Jose Angel in ‘Amores Verdaderos’

Eduardo Yanez, Erica Buenfil, Eduardo Yanez Amores Verdaderos

Eduardo Yáñez and co-protagonist Erika Buenfil from ‘Amores Verdaderos’. (Facebook/Amores Verdaderos/Televisa)

Yáñez was the protagonist in Amores Verdaderos. He played the role of Jose Angel, a bodyguard who falls in love with his boss, portrayed by Erika Buenfil. In the same story, he shared credits with Marjorie de Sousa, Sebastian Rulli and Eiza Gonzalez.

While filming the telenovela, it was rumored that he had a thing with Marjorie de Souza, as well as with Buenfil.

3. Eduardo Yáñez Worked with Kevin Bacon

Eduardo Yañez scene 1 T PEduardo Yañez scene 1 from t p2006-10-15T20:41:45.000Z

He has worked in Hollywood. He was the bodyguard in the film Man on Fire and played the role of Mike Toro in The Punisher. Also, worked with Kevin Bacon, Denise Richards and Matt Dillon in Wild Things. Also some TV series like NCSI: Los Angeles and CSI Miami.

4.Eduardo Yáñez was Sued by a Friend

Eduardo Yanez, Eduardo Yanez Amores con Trampa

Eduardo Yáñez as Facundo Carmona (Univision)

In 2009, the Mexican actor was sued by his friend Eric Onasiss Jr., who apparently lent Yáñez nearly $12,000 dollars -in the course of six years- and didn’t paid him back. He loaned him the money because the actor was going through some hard times.

5.His Marriages Ended in Divorce

Eduardo Yanez, Eduardo Yanez Ernesto Laguardia, Eduardo Yanez Amores con Trampa

Eduardo Yáñez and Ernesto Laguardia from ‘Amores con Trampa’ (Univision)

The actor has been married twice. In 1987, he married his first wife Norma Adriana Garcia and they had a child, who they named Eduardo Jr.

They divorced three years later, then he married Francesca Cruz in 1996. But the marriage ends in divorce after six years.

Yáñez’s son followed his footsteps and became an actor.

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