Hannah Kirby – ‘The Voice’ Contestant 2015

Hannah Kirby

Hannah Kirby has been in the bottom, she's been stolen, then she's been stolen again, and now she's in the top 10 contestants of The Voice season 8. Whether she wins it all or not, she definitely has something to be proud of. Kirby has been on Team Pharrell Williams and now part of Blake Shelton's crew. Recently, Kirby did an interview with Game Zone and compared her singing to playing video games. Kirby gushed about her being an avid gamer, stating: I really mainly play Xbox and PC, but the first console I ever owned was [Nintendo] Gamecube. I got it for Christmas, I was so excited. I pretty much played The Legend of Zelda for like five years nonstop. That and Mario. That was pretty much it, but I never had a NIntendo 64. I played it at other peoples’ houses, but The Legend of Zelda was my main interest for pretty much my entire childhood. That game was pretty much my life. I would go to school and then I would come home and I’d play The Legend of Zelda. As far as how Kirby's life has changed since joining the cast of The Voice, she says: I feel like people are calling me a celebrity, maybe it’ll take me a while to feel that myself, but I do get free doughnuts in my town now which is totally awesome. And my social media has really grown which I’m really excited about because I live in east Texas, a little ways outside of Dallas, and living out here I feel like there’s not much opportunity for me to grow my fanbase. That’s one of my favorite things about The Voice is that it gives you an opportunity. No matter how long you’re on the show, it lets you get yourself out there and grow your fan base. It’s just an awesome opportunity, and I’m very excited. For more information on Kirby, The Voice competition, and her coach Blake Shelton, click through our Instagram gallery of her best photos.