Hollywood Intervention!#%&@ – Find Out Who is Next…

Comedy Central’s Big Time in Hollywood, FL Episode 2 Recap – Intervention

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Ben and Jack Dolfe, two intrepid filmmaker brothers looking for the Big Time but still living at home in Hollywood Florida. In episode two, Ben and Jack’s parents played by Stephen Tobolowsky and Kathy Baker decide it is time for the boys to move out. Ben and Jack concoct a scheme to extract the $20,000 they need to produce their low budget movie from mom and dad – Ben will fake being hooked on drugs and in need of money.

The Police decide to investigate the circumstances of Jimmy Staats death and his connection to the brothers. Jack throws Del under the bus to the police; Del being Ben’s unlikely source of “Crack Cocaine”. The resulting downward spiral leads to a three stooges moment with Jack and Ben preparing the dim-witted Del for Police interrogation.

When mom and dad decide an intervention would be a better solution than a hand-out, the boys make a run for it attempting to steal a speed boat for a quick get-away to Cuba. Hilarity ensues and the boys end up at the local Police station again with Del…

Episode two is 22 minutes more of situation comedy set amongst the pre-text of the young aspiring filmmakers trying to get to their careers off the ground. Between interventions, police investigations and the banality of Hollywood Florida the creators show a talent for creating laughs from the obvious, the ridiculous and the ordinary.

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