Itati Cantoral ‘Amores con Trampa’: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Itati Cantoral, Itati Cantoral Amores con Trampa

Itati Cantoral is Isabel in Amores con Trampa. (Univision)

Comedy has become one of Itati Cantoral’s specialties when it comes to acting. In the new TV comedy Amores con Trampa, the Mexican actress plays Isabel Velasco. She is submissive and willing to do anything her husband -played by Ernesto Laguardia- would tell her to do. To the point that she even agrees to her husband’s idea to become her neighbors’s mistress for money.

Amores con Trampa is a story of a humble family that gets rich after selling their land in the countryside. The whole family, along with their farm animals, decide to move to the big city for better opportunities. So, they move into a new home, where they become neighbors of the Velasco family, who later planned to take their money.

Itati Cantoral, Ernesto Laguardia, Eduardo Yáñez and Africa Zavala have the roles of the main characters in the telenovela.

Here’s what you need to know:

1.Itati Cantoral Changes her Look to Blonde

Itati Canerola, Itati Canterola Africa Zavala, Itati Canterola Amores con Trampa

Itati Canterola with Africa Zavala from ‘Amores con Trampa’. (Instagram/Itati Canterola)

Itati Cantoral had to change her look. She went back to blonde and added hair extensions.

2.Itati Became the Infamous Soraya

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In 1995, Cantoral made her villain debut as Soraya in Maria la del Barrio. She did such a great job as the villain that 20 years later her character has become popular in the meme world.

Soraya had a few cat fights with Maria -played by Thalia- and you can watch them in the video above.

Even thought they slapped each other many times, Canterola and Thalia became really good friends (Spanish).

3.Itati Cantoral was Married to Actor Eduardo Santamarina

Itati Canterola, Itati Canterola Amores con Trampa

Itati Canterola with her new look as Isabela. (Facebook/Itati Canterola)

The Mexican actress was once married to actor Eduardo Santamarina. They had twin boys: Jose Eduardo y Roberto Miguel. They were married for four years and they got divorced in 2004. It was rumored that Santamariana was unfaithful to his wife with actress Susana Gonzalez. They did have a romantic relationship which it also ended a few years later. And surprisingly one day, Cantoral became friends with Gonzalez. Today, Santamarina is married to Mexican actress Mayrin Villanueva.

4.Itati Cantoral Married a Colombian Producer she met on Set

Itati Canterola, Itati Canterola Eduardo Roberto Maria

Itati Cantoral and her kids: Eduardo, Roberto and Maria. (Facebook/Itati Canterola)

In 2006, Cantoral met Colombian producer Carlos Alberto Cruz when she took the main role in La Viuda de Blanco, in Telemundo Networks. He was the soap opera producer coordinator and during the film they became very close. Later they married and had a little girl, who they named Maria Itati.

5.Itati Cantoral Likes Comedy

Itati Canterola

Itati Canterola is Isabela in ‘Amores con Trampa’ (Instagram/Instagram)

After 20 years acting and playing villains, Cantoral debuted in comedy and one of her first roles in comedy was in a musical called Dulce Caridad in 2009. Then she became Alejandra Alvarez del Castillo in Hasta que el Dinero nos Separe, which it was a success in Mexico and the United States. Today, she continues making us laugh in Amores con Trampa as Isabel.

This week, Cantoral posted a picture with Soraya next to her on Facebook and wrote: “My 17-year-old nephews that know who is Soraya [even though] they were not even born [when she was on TV] I would like to change my memes, or update them. I hope Isabel will have [memes] them as well.”