Jamey and Arista, ‘Catfish’: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

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On tonight’s episode of Catfish, Nev and Max want to help a guy named Jamey Blades meet his online love Arista Argueta, who he calls Ari. Jamey believes she could be the one, but there are some issues that may get in the way. Read on for details on the episode.

1. This Couple Met On Plenty Of Fish

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Jamey and Ari met on the dating website Plenty of Fish when Ari reached out to Jamey. They spoke online for a few days before moving on to talking on the phone and texting.

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2. Ari Actually Wanted to Meet Jamey on Catfish

Ari and Jamey do not live far from each other as Ari is from the Houston area and Jamey is from Spring, Texas. Jamey has tried to organize a meeting with Jamey many times, but his attempts were unsuccessful. At one point, Ari suggested to Jamey that they actually meet on the show Catfish. Finally, Jamey agreed and contacted the show.

When the two finally meet, Ari doesn’t wish to open up and talk to Jamey even though he pleads with her to talk to him. However, they have stayed in contact since the show on a friendship level.

3. Jamey & Ari Have Video-Chatted

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Jamey thinks Ari is extremely pretty and they have even video-chatted online many times, which usually doesn’t happen on Catfish. Generally, the couple has never spoken to each other face to face, but in this case they have. Jamey does say that the strange thing about talking with Ari via Skype is that she is always very close to the camera, zooming in on mainly just her face. Show co-host Nev Schulman though that maybe she was hiding her body from Jamey on purpose and is possibly self-conscious about her figure.

Ari confessed she is too uncomfortable with her body and that’s why she didn’t really show her body via video chat. That’s also the reason she is a virgin.

4. Ari Is Transgender

When show co-host Max Joseph hears that it was Ari’s suggestion to meet on Catfish, Max immediately thinks her request is a red flag. It seems that Ari has a secret and feels safer letting Jamey in on it via TV. When Ari hears that Jamey contacted Catfish, she starts sending him nasty texts, which Jamey says is unlike her. It was strange since Ari is the one who suggested being on the show in the first place.

When Nev and Max meet up with Ari prior to her meeting Jamey, Ari reveals that she is actually transgender. That’s what she was hiding.

5. Could Ari Be Married?

What will happen tomorrow night on Catfish: The TV Show?

Posted by Catfish: The TV Show on Tuesday, April 21, 2015

In the above video, it appears as though Ari could be married … or at least in a relationship of some kind. Check out the short clip and see for yourself.

On the show, Nev and Max come across a post that Ari makes on Facebook, saying that she had the best time with her in-laws. Then, Nev speaks with a girl named Sophia who is a friend of Ari’s. During a short conversation on the phone, Sophia says she knows Caz, who Nev thinks is Ari’s husband. When Nev directly asks Sophia if Ari is married, she says she doesn’t know and almost immediately hangs up the phone.

Ari is not married and she is single. When she was talking about her “in-laws,” she was talking about her ex-boyfriend’s parents, who she is close with.

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