‘American Idol’ 2015 Girls: Tyanna Jones & Jax – Top 5

'American Idol' 2015 - Tyanna Jones & Jax

Jax and Tyanna Jones are the last two girls in the 2015 American Idol competition as the season is down to its top 5 performers. Both Tyanna and Jax have been fan favorites throughout the season. Jax has been extremely popular and has never felt the pressure of being in the bottom of the votes. She has a signature "x" marked on her face to symbolize kisses and her artistic side. She's a beautiful girl whose passion is performing and she has a unique raspy sound to her voice. As for Tyanna Jones, she's had a rough upbringing, being homeless at one point, but her mother and grandmother have always been there for her. Unfortunately, her grandmother has passed away and Tyanna has shown a great amount of emotion over the season, especially when she dedicated Rihanna's song "Stay" to her late grandma. For more information on these two girls, click through our gallery of their best Instagram pics. (Instagram/FOX)