Joey Cook Eliminated on ‘American Idol’ Results Show – 4/15/15

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(FOX/Instagram/American Idol)

On tonight’s episode of American Idol, the top 7 contestants were narrowed down to 6 as we said goodbye to one of our favorite performers. While Jax, Nick Fradiani, Tyanna Jones, Quentin Alexander and Clark Beckham were all safe, Rayvon Owen and Joey Cook were both in the bottom tonight. Each contestant was able to perform twice tonight and one contestant who showed a lot of passion was Quentin Alexander. After his first set, Quentin called the situation “wack” because his best friend (Joey Cook) and another good friend (Rayvon Owen) were getting ready to be sent home. Because of the way his emotions came out, it appeared as if he was disrespecting the show and judge Harry Connick Jr. confronted him about it. Quentin wanted to make sure it was clear that he was not talking badly about the show and that he was just upset that he was having to see his friends on the chopping block. We’ll have to see next week if Quentin Alexander’s outburst affected his votes.

In any event, it was down to Rayvon Owen and Joey Cook, who were each depending on a “fan save” to keep them in the competition. And, the votes were extremely close – 52% to 48%. Unfortunately, the contestant who was sent home was … Joey Cook.

Next week, the top 5 finalists will be announced and those are the contestants who will be going on tour together this summer.

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