Jorge Ramos: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Jorge Ramos, Jorge Ramos 100 Most Influential People

Jorge Ramos is Time’s “100 Most Influential People”. (Instagram/Jorge Ramos)

Most of us grew up watching Jorge Ramos behind the news desk or reporting on location for Univision Networks. Today, 57-year-old Mexican journalist is on the cover of Time’s magazine as part of the “100 Most Influential People”.

Every year, the special issue features pioneers, leaders, titans, artists and icons. This year, Ramos shares the list next to United States president Barack Obama, Angela Merkel, Benjamin Netanyahu and Vladimir Putin, and more.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. Jorge Ramos on the Cover of Time Magazine

Its not a surprise to see Jorge Ramos on the cover of Times magazine. He has become one of the most highly recognizable journalists in the world. In his tk years as a journalist he has received eight Emmy Awards. He has covered five wars and many important news stories like 9/11 terrorist attacts, Hurricane Katrina and the fall of the Berlin Wall. He totally deserves to be on the cover on Time magazine.

Plus, Ramos is the author of eleven books (bestsellers) and he even writes a weekly column for more than 40 newspapers in the United States and Latin America distributed by The New York Times Syndicate. When does he finds time? Then again, he is Jorge Ramos.

2.Jorge Ramos Covers About Inmigration and Economy

Jorge Ramos, Jorge Ramos Hillary Clinton

Jorge Ramos and Hillary Clinton posing for a selfie. (Instagram/Jorge Ramos)

Jorge Ramos covers the nightly news program Noticiero Univision. He also has a Sunday show Al Punto and a weekly program titled America with Jorge Ramos, on Fusion, which is directed to young Latinos or millenials. He likes to cover issues on inmigration, education and economy.

3.Jorge Ramos is in a Relationship with Chiquinquira Delgado

Jorge Ramos/Jorge Ramos Chiquinquira Delgado

Jorge Ramos and his girlfriend Chiquinquira Delgado. (Instagram/Jorge Ramos)

In the love department, Ramos has been very lucky with the ladies. He dated Mexican actress Ana de la Reguera in 2006. At this moment he is in a long-time relationship with Venezuelan TV host Chiquinquira Delgado. They met while they both worked in Univision and they’ve been dating since 2011. We still don’t know for sure if they got married in the beginning of the year.

4.Jorge Ramos Divorced Twice

Jorge Ramos, Jorge Ramos Times

Jorge Ramos outside the White House. (Instagram/Jorge Ramos)

The Mexican journalist was married to Lisa, with who he as a child named Nicolas. They met in Miami and got married in San Juan, Puerto Rico, on August 23, 1992. After 13 years of marriage they got divorce. This was his second divorce.

5.Jorge Ramos is the Voice of the Voiceless

Jorge Ramos

Jorge Ramos taking a selfie with Harvard students. (Instagram/Jorge Ramos)

Mr. Ramos is an immigrant who came to the United States as a student in 1983. At age of 28, he became one of the youngest national news anchors in the history of American television, joining Univision. Since then, he has been called “the voice of the voiceless” for other immigrants like him.

The journalist became a citizen at the age of 50.

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