‘Justified’ Series Finale Recap & Spoilers

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On the series finale of Justified, the episode starts off with Raylan in custody. Avery Markham has Ava and is questioning her about the money that Boyd has of his. Ava reveals that her uncle had a hand in helping her with the money, though he wasn’t responsible for taking it.

While Raylan is in police custody, Boyd is up at Uncle Zachariah’s. Ava calls her uncle’s and Boyd answers, but Ava pretends her uncle is still alive, that Boyd didn’t kill him. She organizes a meeting with a reluctant Boyd in order to smooth things temporarily with Markham.

Raylan is rescued by Art Mullen from police custody and in the meantime, Boyd is fending off the cops with dynamite. Boyd then rescues Ava by shooting Markham to death, but he also scares Ava by making her think he’s going to shoot her as well. Then Raylan shows up just in time. As Boyd is out of bullets, Raylan hands him another gun to fight with, but Boyd doesn’t want to … Just when you think the boys are going to battle it out to the death, the police show up and take Boyd away in cuffs. Ava tries to negotiate a deal with Raylan over the money she’s hidden, but he won’t bite. As the two are driving, a pickup truck crashes into them from behind and Boone is the driver. Boone and Raylan each get out of their cars for a confrontation and Raylan tells Ava to stay down in the car. In a quick draw, the two men shoot each other and a bullet is shown going through Raylan’s hat. Boone dies on the road and Raylan’s just been grazed by the bullet. As Raylan comes to, Ava speeds away in his car.

Raylan packs up his desk at the office and prepares to leave town, though he feels a little incomplete. The episode skips to four years later in Miami, Florida and Raylan is hanging out on a playground with his daughter. He’s co-parenting with her mother and skips out on dinner to help transport a prisoner to the Glades.

The episode then moves to California, where Raylan finds Ava on her family’s ranch. Raylan questions Ava about how she got out of town and comes to the conclusion that Wynn Duffy helped her. Then Ava tries to plead with Raylan not to arrest her because she has a young son, who she named Zachariah. Ava begs Raylan to never tell Boyd about her son’s existence and Raylan agrees to not “take her in.”

As for Boyd, he spends his days preaching in prison. Unexpectedly, Raylan visits him and tells Boyd that he actually found Ava, but shows him a fake death certificate. Raylan tells Boyd that he believes he really loved Ava and that she died three years ago after falling asleep behind the wheel. Raylan does this so that Boyd never goes looking for Ava ever again. Boyd is calm, but visibly upset. He then asks Raylan why he came all the way to deliver this news in person and Raylan said he felt it was the kind of news that should be told face to face. He also was feeling a bit “sentimental.”

And that’s where it all ends.