‘Justified’ Series Finale & Cast Spoilers

Justified - The Series Finale

After six seasons, we say goodbye to the FX series Justified, starring Timothy Olyphant, and we do it the way we started ... lawman Raylan Givens against his enemy Boyd Crowder. UPDATE: For the full recap and spoilers on tonight's series finale, click here. The last episode of the series is titled "The Promise" and the official synopsis reads: Raylan, Boyd and Ava fight one last, bloody battle to find out who leaves Harlan alive. Several guest stars featured in this episode include Kaitlyn Dever (Loretta McCready), Sam Elliott (Avery Markham), Mel Fair (Nelson Dunlop), Robert Neary (Crosley), Mark Parrish (Prison Guard), Jeffrey Pierce (Lapiccola) and Jonathan Tucker (Boon). As for what we can expect to see during the episode, CarterMatt reports that a big moment will occur early in the episode and set the stage for the entire finale. In addition, there will be many deaths as we say farewell to the series. TV Guide reports that: Although a final showdown between Raylan (Timothy Olyphant) and Boyd (Walton Goggins) is a given, viewers should also keep an eye on season-long villain Avery Markham (Sam Elliott) and his quick-triggered henchman Boon (Jonathan Tucker), both of whom add plenty of mayhem to the final hour. In addition, there will be many casualties and TV Guide says that some of the big climactic scenes come at the beginning of the episode, which is surprising. In addition, another huge surprise later on is said to show us where the main characters' story-lines will end up.

Some of the fan predictions for the finale are that Raylan will die and Boone will be the man to kill him. Other fans believe Raylan will prevail and live on. As for what viewers think about Boyd, show-runner Graham Yost told Yahoo TV: Whether or not the audience will turn on Boyd is a question. I think that this has just been part of the reality of Boyd for a long, long time. You know, there is that circular intent for the season, to bring things back to the way Boyd and Ava and Raylan to a degree originally were and restate that question. Heading into the final episode, there is a real question whether or not Raylan will kill Boyd, and he certainly has good reason to.

The series finale airs tonight at 10:00 p.m. EST on FX. Click through our gallery to check out some of the still shot photos from the finale episode "The Promise." (Prashant Gupta/FX)