‘La Voz Kids’ Results 2015: Contestants

La Voz Kids - Season 3

La Voz Kids – Season 3 (Telemundo/La Voz Kids)

Who made it in? Find out who is on each team. The Battle Rounds kicks-off next week on Telemundo with 54 contestants. Team Yankee, Team Nathala and Team Pedro have their 18 vocalists ready to rumble.

Last night, the 15-year-old boy, from Houston, Texas, brought in the Latin flavor singing “Bailando” by Enrique Iglesias. His energetic performance made everyone dance and the three coaches turned their chairs for him. But Castillo picked Team Yankee for the competition.

Jesus Manuel Esquer, from Heber, California, sang “La Puerta Negrga” by Los Tigres del Norte with elegance. He was so amazing that made the coaches fight for him. He went with Team Nathalia.

Jorge Cruz, from Trujillo Alto, Puerto Rico, performed “Tres Palabras” by Luis Miguel. He actually participated on La Voz Kids last year but was not chosen. But things were different this year. The Coaches turned at nearly the end of his performance, moving him to tears and the 13-year-old said: “Thank you, thank you!,” He chose Coach Team Yankee.

Then Danny Pena, from Queens, New York, showed up and sang “Limbo” by Daddy Yankee. And the reggatonero gave him last team cap and completed his team of 18 contestants.

Jacqueline Collazo, from West Wendover, Nevada, performed “Que Nadie Sepa mi Sufrir” by Lila Downs. Natalia Jimenez was the only coach to turn and told her: “You have a huge voice!” Then she turned to Yankee and Pedro and asked them: “Are you guys deaf?”.

Giselle Lopez, from El Paso, Texas, sang Cenizas” by Shaila Durcal. Daddy Yankee turned first, followed by Pedro, who turned during the last note of her performance; and to his surprise she sang to the Mexican artist choosing him as her coach.

Estefani Lopez, from Riverside, California, who performed “Si tu También te Vas” by Lola Beltrán, chose Pedro Fernandez as a coach.

Ambar Rivera, from Vega Baja, Puerto Rico, chose “Suerte” by Paty Cantu. Fernandez and Jimenez turned their chairs for her, but the young singer had a very special surprise. Her sister, from her father’s side and whom she had not yet met, was there to support her. Rivera chose Team Pedro.

Angie Vasquez, from Lindenhurst, Illinois, of Peruvian descent, performed “I Will Never Let You Down” by Rita Ora. She was the last voice to make it and become part of Team Pedro.

Here are the 54 contestants:

Team Yankee:

1.Arnold Cruz, from Santa Clarita, California
2.Emily Cortes, from Aguadilla, Puerto Rico
3.Franser Pazos, from Portland, Oregon
4.Laura Cruz, from Añasco, Puerto Rico
5.Rossany (Rossy) Rodriguez, from North Brunswick , NJ
6.Samantha Rios, from Washington, D.C.
7.Jersen Ruiz, from Humacao, Puerto Rico
8.Janely Rosa, from Houston, Texas
9.Keily Valenzuela, from Harleysville, Pennsylvania
10.Valeria Gomez, from Santa Rosa, California
12.Maria Teresa Eguino, from Nogales, Arizona
13. Hiram Silva, from Las Vegas, Nevada
14.Isabella McDonald, from Peachtree City, Georgia
15.Delia Acosta, from Miami, Florida
16.Jose Pacheco, from San Juan, Puerto Rico
17.Leosmany Castillo, from Houston, Texas.
18.Jorge Cruz, from Trujillo Alto, Puerto Rico

Team Natalia:
1.Antonella Henao, from Houston, Texas
2.Ailyn de la Garza, from Hidalgo, Texas
3.Yarialis Cintron, from Waukesha, Wisconsin
4.Camilo Velasquez, from San Jose, California
5.Isabel Sanchez, from San Antonio, Texas
6.Lea Del Castillo, from Las Vegas, Nevada
7.Priscilla Naranjo, from Miami, Florida
8.Merlyn Garcia, from Lynn, Massachusetts
9.Alondra Suarez, from Cayey, Puerto Rico
10.Cristal Guzman, from Kissimmee, Florida
11.Jonael Santiago, from Miami, Florida
12.Rocío Muñoz, from San Juan, Puerto Rico
13.Vreny Novillo, from La Guardia, New York
14.Lluvia Macias (Soto), from Westvalley City, Utah
15.America Vazquez, from Los Angeles, California
16.Luis Alberto Castro, from Miami, Florida
17.Jacqueline Collazo, from West Wendover, Nevada
18.Jesus Manuel Esquer, from Heber, California

Team Pedro:
1.Tiffany Galaviz, from Los Angeles, California
2.Ashley Acosta, from Houston, Texas
3.Brianna Arteaga, from Tyler, Texas
4.Shanty Zumaya, from Peñitas, Texas
5.Jesus Urbina, from Brownsville, Texas
6.Wildania Aquino, from Bronx, New York
7.Angel Gonzalez, from Richmond, California
8.Karina de Jesus Recamier, from Phoenix, Arizona
9.Joe Fata from Hollister, California
10.Maria Isabel Eguino, from Nogales, Arizona
11.Monica Canedo, from Miami, Florida
12.Thalia Plasencio,from Orlando, Florida
13.Javier Centeno, from Bayamon, Puerto Rico
14.Milenia Perez, from Clinton, Oklahoma
15.Giselle Lopez, from El Paso, Texas
16.Estefani Lopez, from Riverside, California
17.Ambar Rivera, from Vega Baja, Puerto Rico
18.Angie Vasquez, from Lindenhurst, Illinois

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