‘Mad Men’ Season 7 – Cast Photo Gallery

Gallery: 1/13

On April 5, Mad Men airs the first of its final 7 episodes. The episode, called "Severance," opens with Don and a lingerie-clad woman. As far as spoilers go, Creator Matt Weiner told E!News, "I've always felt like not knowing what happens was our niche in the marketplace. That there would be something where you would watch it the first time and you would have no idea, and then it would create tension. Because to me, coming attractions and trailers and things like that relieve tension, so that then you would know the story and you could relax a little bit, and I didn't ever want people to do that."

Here are pictures of the Season 7 cast, along with captions including interviews the actors have done about the end of the series.

Jon Hamm recently entered rehab for an alcohol addiction. “People ask, ‘What’s the difference between you and Don?’ Look, I drink, I get drunk. I’m not immune to that,” he told Variety.