‘Marvel’s Daredevil’ (Netflix TV Series): The Cast Members You Need to Know

Daredevil Netflix

Marvel’s Daredevil is looking to be one of the best new TV shows of 2015.

The blind lawyer turned city vigilante is going to be exposed to the viewing public once again, but this time it will take place on the small screen. Netflix will feature all 13 episodes of this new superhero series on April 10, 2015. We’re excited about how the early days of Daredevil will play out and we’re pretty confident about the show thanks to its impressive cast.

Here are all the actors and actresses from Daredevil you need to know.

Charlie Cox (playing the role of Matt Murdock aka “Daredevil”)

Charlie Cox takes on the lead role of Matt Murdock, a blind lawyer who eventually morphs into the superhero known as “Daredevil.” Murdock channels his other senses and pushes them to their very limits as he fights crime in New York City’s Hell’s Kitchen area. Murdock’s religious ties to Catholicism is part of the reasoning behind him becoming the vigilante role he adopts. Charlie Cox’s most notable movie roles took place in Stardust, The Theory of Everything, Stone of Destiny and The Merchant of Venice. A younger version of Matt Murdock will play a part in the show as well. That role will be played by Skylar Gaertner.

Deborah Ann Woll (playing the role of Karen Page)

Deborah Ann Woll has been cast as Karen Page, a young woman who works alongside Matt Murdock in the same law firm he works in. Karen works as the secretary of that law firm and develops a connection with Matt that eventually turns into a serious relationship. Karen’s backstory from the comic books will be altered for her appearance on this new streaming series. Deborah Ann Woll played a part on the HBO True Blood TV series, while she was also featured in the films Ruby Sparks, Catch .44 and Mother’s Day.

Elden Henson (playing the role of Foggy Nelson)

Elden Henson will be featured on the series as Foggy Nelson, a very close confidant and co-worker of Matt Murdock. Elden has played a role in several popular films, such as The Butterfly Effect, Deja Vu, The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 1 and Cast Away.

Rosario Dawson (playing the role of Claire Temple)

Rosario Dawson will play the pat of Claire Temple, a woman who works during the evening as a nurse. Claire offers help to Matt Murdock during his trials as Daredevil. She eventually adopts an alter-ego of her own known as “Night Nurse.” Rosario Dawson has been seen in various films, such as Seven Pounds, Death Proof and Grindhouse. She has some experience workign with comic book properties since she played the part of Gail in the Sin City movies.

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