‘Marvel’s Daredevil’ (Netflix TV Series): The Cast Members You Need to Know

Vincent D’Onofrio (playing the role of Wilson Fisk aka “Kingpin”)

Vincent D’Onofrio plays the 2nd biggest role on the show as Wilson Fisk aka “Kingpin.” Wilson is a powerful businessman who makes his dealings through illegal means. The Kingpin is the main rival of Daredevil due to the both of them playing the part on opposite sides of the law. Vincent D’Onofrio can be recognized from his main role on the show Law & Order: Criminal Intent. He also starred in films such as Full Metal Jacket, Men in Black and The Judge.

Ayelet Zurer (playing the role of Vanessa Marianna)

Ayelet Zurer will play the part of Vanessa Marianna, an art gallery employee who’s romantically connected to Wilson Fisk. Ayelet Zurer played her part in the following films – Angels & Demons, Man of Steel, Munich and Vantage Point.

Bob Gunton (playing the role of Leland Owlsley)

Bob Gunton takes on the role of Leland Owlsley. Leland plays a huge part in Fisk’s plans to take over Hell’s Kitchen. In the comics, the character of Leland Owlsley eventually adopts the super villain moniker of “Owl.” Bob Gunton is a legendary actor who’s played roles in several popular films, such as The Shawshank Redemption, Argo, Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls and Demolition Man.

Toby Leonard Moore (playing the role of Wesley)

Toby Leonard Moore plays the part of Wesley, Wilson Fisk’s right hand ally. Toby’s most notable film roles happened in John Wick, The Cartographer and Taxi 4.

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