Mia Zanotti, ‘The Voice’ 2015 Contestant: Team Pharrell Williams

Mia Zanotti, aka Mia Z

Mia Zanotti, most known as Mia Z, from The Voice 2015 is a contestant on Team Pharrell Williams. Mia Z is a 16-year-old singer who was picked by her coach Pharrell Williams as he says: I chose Mia because she has allowed people to see how far she can go, in terms of that stratospheric peak, but she’s deeper than that, and that’s what I intend to show the public. The voices that get through are the ones that can tell a story. Mia considers herself an old soul, growing up on blues, R&B and jazz in the Pittsburgh area. As for Mia Z's NBC bio on the show, it states: Mia gets her musical talents from her mom, who works as a social worker but has always been a music lover. One day, Mia's mom heard her singing and was blown away, and now Mia sings lead vocals in a band with her mom and uncle. She loves singing the blues and has been told her voice is beyond her years. She hopes The Voice can help her make the transition from a local family band to a national success. Though the show is a competition, Mia Z says that she makes it a point to respect her fellow contestants, telling the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review: You can’t think of it as a competition. Just the way I was raised, you respect other people’s music, their art, who they are. Prior to appearing on The Voice, at age 14, Mia was featured on a local TV show called Dirty Dog Music TV. For more information on the performer, click through our gallery of her best Instagram photos.