Natalia Jimenez, Pedro Fernandez, J Balvin and Luis Coronel on ‘Detras de la Fama’: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know


Tonight Rashel Diaz, co-host of the morning show Un Nuevo Dia, is going to host the one-hour special show Detras de la Fama (Behind the Fame) in which she is going to interview Natalia Jimenez, Pedro Fernandez, J Balvin and Luis Coronel. The show is set to air on April 25 at 8PM ET/10PM PT on Telemundo.

On Detras de la Fama, celebrities will reveal their struggles, their determinations to get ahead, and how this translated to stardom.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. Natalia Jimenez was Bullied in School

Natalia Jimenez


The Spanish artist was bullied by her classmates. They used to call her “thin”. During a videochat interview with Un Nuevo Dia she said, “I still have nightmares about my classmates in school. If one of you is watching…I still remember you and all of your family. Because even though people say they get over it, you don’t. I’m still not over it, but its okay, I’ll live.”

2.J Balvin Suffers Panic Attacks

J Balvin


The singer would start to cry like a baby, to the point that his body would shake as well and he didn’t want to be left alone, according to El Tiempo. Sometimes he would get this panic attacks inside a car or at the airport. He explained in an interview with Revista Elenco, “It was physical exhaustion and months with no sleep, always on a plane, a lot of intense workouts, my body [couldn’t take it]. Plus, adding the fact that I’m a perfectionist with a lot of things, it had its consequences. To summaries, the doctor told me that my nerves system collapsed, it got altered.”

3. Luis Coronel Lost his Home and Father

Luis Coronel

(Instagram/Luis Coronel)

The young singer is opening up about the rough moments he had to go through when he was poor, about losing his home and his father was deported and later passed away.

4. Pedro Fernandez Talks About Why he Left ‘Hast el Fin del Mundo’

Pedro Fernandez, Pedro Fernandez La Voz Kids 2015


For the first time, Fernandez will talk about the controversy around his decision to quit filming a telenovela in Mexico and the rumors regarding his wife’s feeling jealous about the romantic scenes he had to film with actress Marjorie De Sousa.


The host of the show, Rashel Diaz traveled to J Balvin’s hometown Medellin, Colombia to interview him. She also took a plane to Mexico City to meet with Pedro Fernandez and met Luis Coronel at Amarillo, Texas.