Oliver & Felicity Hook Up on ‘Arrow’: What You Need to Know

Oliver and Felicity finally make love tonight on Arrow. This is the first of the last four episodes of Season 3, so there is not much time for fans to see what’s in store for the couple as the season comes to a close. What we do know is that Oliver told Felicity that he loved her in the Season 2 finale. Although they first kiss on the first episode of this season, shown above, Felicity still hasn’t said those three words back.

Entertainment Tonight said that there’s a “very good reason” Felicity hasn’t returned the sentiment. However, tonight is definitely a big milestone for Olicity. Even Stephen Amell, who plays Oliver, had this to say on Twitter:

“I think it’s the next step in their relationship,” executive producer Andrew Kreisberg told ETonline. “We root for characters to be together as much as anybody. You’re sort of the ultimate shippers when you’re creators of the show. I think the time has come for them – they’ve been dancing around it for a long time – to really declare how they feel for each other.”

A fan posted this montage of their scenes together:

The future of the couple remains unclear, but fans know that Amell foreshadowed to an “Evil Oliver. Coming soon” on Twitter earlier this month. Kreisberg told ET there are two questions to ponder: “What happens after that? Where does that take them?”

Needless to say fans are more than excited for the highly anticipated scene, which was three seasons in the making. Here are some of their thoughts: