Patricia Sudler-Smith – Whitney’s Mother on ‘Southern Charm’

Patricia Sudler-Smith

Patricia Sudler-Smith is the mother of Southern Charm star Whitney and has become a prominent cast member herself. She has some of the best quotes on the show and she can deliver an insult with more elegance than you've ever seen. Patricia's maiden name was Altschul and she was a socialite and prominent art dealer when raising Whitney in Washington D.C. Whitney's father is L. Hayes Smith, but Patricia's latest love was Wall Street mogul Arthur Altschul (her third husband), who she married in 1996. He passed away in 2002. In 2008, Patricia moved into the Mikell House for $4.8 million, which is a historic mansion in the Charleston area. Now that you're up to speed on Patricia, click through our gallery of her best Twitter photos.