‘Botched’: Meet Dr. Terry Dubrow & Dr. Paul Nassif

Dr. Terry Dubrow & Dr. Paul Nassif

We first met Terry Dubrow and Paul Nassif on the Real Housewives of Orange County and Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Terry is the husband of RHOC star Heather Dubrow, while Paul is now the ex-husband of former RHOBH Adrienne Maloof. Both Terry and Paul are a couple of the most talented plastic surgeons in the country and we get to see their true skills displayed on the Bravo television show Botched. Botched brings on celebrities as well as every-day people to get some of the craziest plastic surgery mishaps fixed. If you've ever seen the show before, then you know that Terry and Paul are practically magicians. With the show returning for a second season, we see everything from cement injected into faces, breast implants as butt implants ... you name it. So, what do two successful plastic surgeons like these men make for a living? Well, Terry Dubrow's estimated net worth is reported at $30 million, while Paul Nassif's is reported at $14 million.

Prior to being on RHOC or Botched, Terry Dubrow was actually the featured plastic surgeon on the reality show The Swan, where they completely transformed the women on the show, practically into supermodels. Terry is also the younger brother of Quiet Riot's late singer Kevin DuBrow. As for Paul Nassif, he has appeared on the show Dr. 90210 as well as other programs including NBC Nightly News, Inside Edition, CBS Healthbeat, Entertainment Tonight, the Today Show, Good Morning America, and EXTRA. As for Paul's dating life, he told Andy Cohen the other night that he's dating, but isn't seeing anyone in particular. Celebrity Net Worth has reported that Paul Nassif is actually dating Chantell DeJong, but it looks like the two have probably broken up. When the two were first dating, Nassif announced via Instagram with a loving photo. The picture caused a media frenzy about DeJong saying that she was bankrupt and had a tax lien against her. Radar Online had reported that DeJong filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy back in 1996 and that in 2004 she had a tax lien against her that was later released in 2005. The publication compared Nassif's much more financially successful ex-wife Adrienne Maloof to DeJong. As for Terry Dubrow, he's still married to his partner in life Heather Dubrow, who is still starring on RHOC and pursues a career in acting.

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