Ryan Holt, ‘Naked And Afraid’: The Photos You Need to See

Ryan Holt - 'Naked And Afraid'

Ryan Holt is a survivalist on the season 4 premiere episode of Naked And Afraid and he's been paired with former U.S. Army instructor Amber Hargrove. The two venture out into the Everglades with no clothes, no water, and no food for 21 days and Holt's biggest fear is that he and his fellow survivalist will not get along. The panthers, snakes and alligators are in the back of his mind as well. Holt was in the Marines for about 8 years and feels that his training has helped him to become the ultimate survivalist. Let's see how his skills work in the Everglades ... For our 5 Fast Facts on Holt's episode of the show click here. Now click through our gallery of Holt's best Facebook photos.