Sawyer Fredericks, ‘The Voice’ 2015 Contestant: Team Pharrell Williams

Sawyer Fredericks

Sawyer Fredericks is one of the most watched artists on The Voice this season as he competes on team Pharrell Williams. Even though he's the youngest contestant on the show this season, the 16-year-old can really hold his own. Fredericks has grown up in a farmhouse in Fultonville, NY and his mother said that he would always sing these dark songs with intense feelings beyond his years and Fredericks explained to the Times Union: Before my voice changed, I actually had a lot higher voice, and I still sang songs, like, way beyond my age. I’ve just always been able to connect. I picture myself going through these problems, and feeling what they felt. Fredericks' personal bio on his website reads: If you’re visiting Windrake Farm in Fultonville, NY, and you’re looking for Sawyer Fredericks, it’s best to be very quiet and listen. You should be able to hear him singing, whether he’s bringing hay to the cows, collecting eggs, riding his quad, or playing Elder Scrolls Online. If his hands are free, he’s probably also strumming his guitar. Sawyer is a 16 year old singer and prolific songwriter..., who learned his first guitar chords in the fall of 2010. Since then, he has written over 3 dozen complete songs, and countless “doodles,” as he calls them. He describes his musical style as Soulful Contemporary Folk and his coach Pharrell Williams adores him. For more information on Sawyer Fredericks and his coach Pharrell Williams, click through our gallery of Fredericks' best Instagram photos.