Sebastian Caicedo, Carmen Villalobos’ Boyfriend: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Carmen Villalobos, Sebastian Caicedo

Carmen Villalobos and Sebastian Caicedo (Instagram/Carmen Villalobos)

While Carmen Villalobos is filming Señor de los Cielos Season 3 in Mexico, her heart is in Colombia. The actress is in a long-term relationship -for over 5 years- with Colombian actor Sebastian Caicedo. The couple have found the secret to keep a healthy relationship regardless of the distance. In an interview with El Tiempo, Carmen said: “It is very important to know the type of person you have next to you. Sebas is a great man. If he is in one city and I’m in another one, why can we have our own space? When we are in the same city we try to do everything together, because we don’t know if we have to pick up and leave again.”

They can handle the long-distance relationship, but how do they handle temptation? Sebastian told El Tiempo: “We respect [each other]. There is always someone wanting to break us up. We tell each other everything. When there’s gossip going around, Carmen has already told me or I would have already told her.”

So they make it work. But, what else do we know about Sebastian Caicedo?

Here’s what you need to know:

1. Sebastian Caicedo Asked Carmen Villalobos on a Date at a Party

Carmen Villalobos

Sebastian Caicedo and his girlfriend Carmen Villalobos at the Senor de los Cielos Season 3 premiere. (Instagram/Telemundo)

Caicedo and Villalobos worked together in the telenovela Nadie es eterno en el mundo. The actors played a couple in love in TV series but it was all professional business. Each was in a relationship. Villalobos in a seven year relationship and Caicedo was in a five year relationship. When they met again at the Sin senos no hay paraiso farewell party, Caicedo asked Villalobos about her boyfriend and they had broken up. The actor was single, as well, so he asked her to go to the movies. “She was living on a trip the next day. So we kiss. I told her to take her computer with her so we can talk thru messenger”, he told El tiempo. So they would be on-line for hours and that’s how their relationship started. Today, he travels once a month to Mexico to visit Villalobos.

2.Sebastian Caicedo is a Businessman

Carmen Villalobos, Sebastian Caicedo

(Instagram/Carmen Villalobos)

The 33-year-old actor owns his own night club in Bogota, Colombia, which is very popular and successful. He also partner with a company that owns a parking meter business. Caicedo and Villalobos are also business partners in Colombia. They both launched an organic wine, low in sugar, which is imported to Uruguay. Villalobos told Gaceta: “We are really happy. One of the things that attracted me of Sebastian was his drive, he is very imaginative, he knows what he wants and where he is going, we are the same.”

3.He Quit College

Carmen Villalobos, Sebastian Caicedo

(Instagram/Carmen Villalobos)

Caicedo had to make a choice between acting and college. He chose acting knowing that his father wasn’t a fan and wasn’t going to help him economically. Caicedo told El Nacional “that his father believed that acting was a waste of time.”

4.Sebastian Caicedo is not Crazy About Modeling

Carmen Villalobos

Sebastian Caicedo and Carmen Villalobos accompanied by her mother in Mexico. (Instagram/Carmen Villalobos)

If Caicedo has to choose between modeling and acting, he would definitely stay with acting. He has received various proposals but he told VIP Latino that “he is 100% into acting”.He has never been interested on modeling.

5.Caicedo is a Successful Actor in Colombia

Carmen Villalobos

Carmen Villalobos and Sebastian Caicedo (Instagram/ Carmen Villalobos)

He started acting in a very young age in Colombia. He has done a couple of telenovelas: Padres e hijo, Los Reyes, Sin Senos no Hay Paraiso, Nadie es Eterno en el Mundo and La Quiero a Morir, to name a few. He was the main actor in Ninos Ricos, Pobres Padres. Caicedo has shared credits with his girlfriend in Nadie es Eterno en el Mundo, Sin Senos no Hay Paraiso and El Señor de los Cielos Season 2.

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