‘Shark Tank’ Products on April 3 Rerun: Interviews With All the Companies

Shark Tank is rerunning an episode on April 2. The show, which was its 100th episode, first aired on November 17, 2014. Watch it in its entirety above.

Heavy interviewed all of the companies on the show. Here are the facts on them in order of their appearance.

Storm Stoppers

John D. Smith invented a plywood alternative to storm protection. He entered the Tank asking for $100,000 for 10 percent equity in his company.

He got the idea after Florida was hit by Hurricanes Charley, Frances, Ivan & Jeanne in August and September of 2004.

Although the Sharks thought it was a smart product, they did not like his sales drop and his assertive attitude. He did not get a deal.

Smith actually made the show’s blooper reel. At the 4:19 mark, he brings out a table to show the sharks a sample. “If I had one thing to do over again, I would have left the table out,” he said in the video above.

Read our entire interview with John here:


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Brother and sister team Jeff and Jen Martin asked the Sharks for $200,000 for 10 percent of their gluten free, Non-GMO and vegan popcorn company.

Robert offered them $200,000 for 20 percent, and then Barbara jumped in, offering the full price contingent upon them taking out $900 each week and her getting 10 percent. Confident in their company, Robert then offered them their original deal, but the pair still signed on with Barbara.

The pair told us why they ultimately chose Barbara:

Robert’s offer was fantastic, but Barbara was just the right fit for us. She is 20 blocks from our office in New York City and has worked with food before. We knew going in she was who we wanted to get a deal with.

As far as how they’ve grown since appearing on the show, they said, “Our retail and online sales have drastically increased, which we have to give a major thank you to all of our fans for making that possible. Also, day by day we are able to expand our operations to a national level, which couldn’t be more thrilling, especially considering that we used to pop in a pasta pan.”

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Squatty Potty

Squatty Potty enables users to eliminate waste by squatting instead of sitting.

Heavy interviewed Robert Edwards, who appeared on the show with his mother Judy, about his business. They asked for $350,000 for a 5 percent share in their company.

Edwards told us, “Eventually I see squat toilets replacing our traditional modern toilets. Ergonomics in elimination is a huge thing, and more and more people are discovering the health benefits of proper toilet posture. Squatty Potty is the only company talking about this and we are changing the way people poop, one stool at a time.”

Lori gave them a deal, seeing it as a future QVC product. She asked for 10 percent for $350,000. After their appearance on the show, Robert told us, they had to triple their manufacturing ability to keep up with the high demand. “Our retail presence has increased 5 times and we have many retailers anxious to partner with us in getting Squatty Potty on their shelves,” he said.

Buy the Squatty Potty here.

They also make a product called GoodMove, which is is an all natural supplement to help alleviate constipation.

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Heidi Ho

Heidi Ho plant-based vegan cheese alternatives created from sustainably sourced ingredients. Their products do not contain any additives, fillers, or unnatural preservatives, and are gluten-free and many are also soy-free.

We interviewed founder Heidi Lovig, a chef who created the business after being asked to write a vegan menu. Lori gave her a deal for $125,000 for 30 percent of the company.

Lovig gushed about Lori’s involvement, saying she is a “gem” why is truly an active part of their company. As a result, they have become friends in addition to business partners.

She is super accessible when I need advice or assistance. She is so active with us. She jumps on calls, in meetings, answers emails, texts, and picks up her cell when I call. She helps to troubleshoot challenges and help find solutions! She has become someone I admire deeply and feel a have a strong sense of gratitude that I can call her my friend.

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