Squatty Potty Sales Soar Since ‘Shark Tank’ Appearance

Squatty Potty originally entered the Shark Tank in November, on Season 6. The company makes stools designed to aid in constipation, by enabling users to squat instead of sit while at the toilet. “We need to educate and inform the public that bathroom posture is extremely important for our health and that a simple change in posture can make the world of difference,” said Bobby Edwards, who appeared on the show with his mother and business partner, Judy.

Back then, we interviewed Bobby about the company and appearance on the show. Read the entire interview here. We caught up with him again this week to ask about their growth since the show.

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They got a deal with Lori, who gave them $350,000 for 10 percent of their company. Edwards praised her involvement, saying she was instrumental in securing a great spot at Bed Bath & Beyond. “The first major coup was product placement in Bed Bath & Beyond. We had previously been placed in a dark corner back by toilet accessories. With Lori’s help we are now featured in the main aisle with our own central display unit.”

As far as his appearance on Shark Tank goes, at first, Squatty Potty met with resistance because it was bathroom-related. They were considered as a Season 5 contestant, but then were dropped, which made the hopeful entrepreneurs change their approach. “In our second auction tape we really nailed down that Squatty Potty is a health tool, a solution available to help people suffering from elimination issues and not just a novelty. We were told this helped us change their minds and allowed us to get on,” he explained. Watch their appearance on the Tank below:

The Edwards’ persistence paid off, as their appearance on the show increased their sales tremendously. To meet this demand, they had to triple their manufacturing ability. “Our retail presence has increased five times and we have many retailers anxious to partner with us in getting Squatty Potty on their shelves,” he said.

This is the just the beginning for the growing company, who wants to “change the way America Poops, one stool at a time.” Although this may seem like a Herculean task, Edwards is confident that he can accomplish the goal. We plan on making Squatty Potty a household name. There are also additional products and Squatty Potty designs that are in the works. Look for them soon,” he said.

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