Stephen Amell aka ‘Arrow’: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

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Stephen Amell broke onto the TV scene with his role as Oliver Queen aka Arrow. The show, based on the DC Comic, started in 2012 and rose to popularity extremely quickly. Already at the end of its third season, the show surprised many, including Amell.

He told the Wall Street Journal, “I would say that it is everything that we expected but that wouldn’t really be true because there hasn’t been a recent history of successful comic book shows on television…A lot of reviews of Arrow at first said “This is an interesting concept but we know that comic book shows don’t work long-term on TV.” Well, that has now been proven wrong.”

1. He’d Like to Play Arrow for ‘a Long Time’

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(The CW)

A Canadian native, Amell worked there for five years before coming to the U.S. in 2010. Once here, he earned roles in shows like Hung and Private Practice.

Amell loved the challenge of being cast as the beloved comic book character. Although the actors he did his chemistry reads with actors who never made it onto the cast, the people he wound up working with meshed very well. He told Collider, “It helps that everyone in the cast is a super human being. Colin and I hit it off, and that stuff pops on screen. And Katie and I hit it off, and Willa [Holland] and I hit it off. I think that you can see that, so it’s important to me. If you have to put your hand on somebody’s shoulder, if you’ve done it before, it makes it easier to do.”

As far as his future plans in the industry go, he told Entertainment Weekly, “I’d love for Arrow to go on for a long time. I’d love for it to spawn other things and I’d love to be able to build outwards from Arrow.”

2. He Works Out Hard

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“He’s a fitness freak,” BJ Gaddour, a Men’s Health fitness advisor, said. “He has cat-like reflexes, complete mastery of his own body weight, and a high level of conditioning that allow him to flow seamlessly between different movement skills. To do what he’s doing takes world-class athleticism.”

Mens Fitness published a workout regime inspired by Amell’s routine. Exercises include hanging leg raises and handstand pushups.

When training, he stops eating processed sugar, gluten, dairy and beer. He told Mens Fitness UK, “When you eliminate these things, especially sugar, your blood sugar normalizes a little bit. So if I get hungry on set, I don’t get hungry to the point of having to scarf down a huge meal.”

Here is a montage of all his workout scenes in Arrow.

Arrow – All workout scenes (Season 1)Every workout/training scene ever showed on Arrow All rights belong to Production Companies: Berlanti Productions DC Entertainment Warner Bros. Television and the respective owners. i do not own anything in this video, and it's made only for entertainment purposes. No copyright infringement intended.2013-07-16T15:18:20.000Z

3. He’s Married With a Daughter

Amell married America’s Next Top Model contestant Cassandra Jean on Christmas day in 2012. They tied the knot in the Caribbean, with a friend as their officiant.
They have a daughter, Mavi, born in October of 2013. Mavi is short for Maverick, which Amell explained on Live With Kelly and Michael, came to his wife in a dream.

Watch Jean’s clip on the reality show here:

Get over it CassandraHow a model completely ruins her chance by throwing a hissy fit over having an inch of hair cut. Immature and childish. She belongs in pageants, being a robot in a bikini.2009-05-24T02:38:52.000Z

As for celebrity crushes, he told Bullett Media, “I’ve always kind of had a thing for Amanda Seyfried. I don’t know why, because I’ve never even met her. I do kind of have a crush on Kat Graham from Vampire Diaries, as well. But she knows this. I think I told her.”

4. He Got Cast in ‘TMNT 2’ Because of His Chemistry With Megan Fox

He will be playing Casey Jones in the sequel. On March 31, he posted this on Facebook: “What a fantastic day. Honored to play Casey Jones in ‪#‎TMNT2.‬”

At Fan Expo Vancouver 2015, he discussed his anticipation for the role:

As much as I enjoy playing Oliver Queen it is very important to me to stretch out a little bit. And believe me, I know I’m playing another vigilante. I know this! You’re going to have to trust me when I say that not only is Casey Jones different from Oliver Queen, but filming a big feature film is really different than filming a television show.

It was the actor’s spark with Megan Fox, who plays April in the franchise, that ultimately earned him the part. Variety reported that “Amell tested with a half-dozen actors over the weekend, but it was his chemistry with Fox that led to the studio eventually giving the role to the star of CW’s Arrow.

5. His Cousin Stars in ‘The Flash’

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Robbie Amell plays Ronnie on The Flash, which is a companion show to Arrow. When People asked Stephen which DC Comic character he would like brought onto his set, he said, “I would eventually like to work with my cousin Robbie. He and I are sharing a universe, but we still haven’t shared any camera time! So, I’d have to say Firestorm.” In the meantime, they both shared the screen in this clip that The CW released, Superhero Fight Club.”

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Since they are related, the duo is similar and different at the same time. In an interview with EW, Stephen said, “There’s enough of a genetic overlap that things just picked up really quickly again. Robbie and I have certain things that are very different about us, but there’s just an overwhelming number of things that you can just tell that we’re family.

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