Tyanna Jones Eliminated On ‘American Idol’ Tonight

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Who was eliminated on tonight’s episode of American Idol? Tyanna Jones was the contestant sent home halfway through the show, leaving the Top 5. As part of her send-off, Jones decided to sing a Beyonce song. It was down to Jones and Rayvon Owen, but Owen had more votes. Jones handled the news with poise and only got emotional when the farewell video played of her time of the show.

On tonight’s show, Martina McBride was one of the mentors, along with Rascal Flatts’ Jay DeMarcus, and judge Harry Connick Jr. took the stage as a performer, as did McBride. What was really cool was the contestants got to meet former Idol judge and Aerosmith super star Steven Tyler. Upon meeting Jax, Tyler asked to sing with her in the finale episode.

As for tonight’s performances, each contestant performed two songs, with the exception of Jones, and the theme of the night was hometown and soul songs.



Susie Kennedy

Tyanna is so much more talented than the other artists I cant believe she went home Jax and Rayvon are also very talented but Nick are you joking , the guy has no talent..Tyanna goes home Nick sstastays…this show just goes downhill every year…sad very sad

Elisa Roja

TRUE DAT!!!! T and Clark were the only actual SINGERS … but T is young and she let Scott sabotage and destroy her MASSIVE gospel powered vocals … NO WONDER the RATINGS SUCK! What Idol did with T was the most disgusting thing they have ever done with a contestant. It was racist to the core. Look what The Voice did with another af American gospel inspired teen, Koryn … that’s ALL you need to know.


I’m so t’d off! I don’t get regular T.V. so I’m limited on where I can vote & being on west coast time, makes it crazier. Then one wk. the shows on wed.& the next it’s on Thurs. So when I went on my crappy comp. to vote early on wed. For #1 Tyanna, #2 Clark, #3 Jax, #4 Rayvon 20 votes ea. and the site said,” Voting now closed!” I just had 20 votes available to me, “What happened to the rest of you?” Similar situation? This show does sink! It’s all up to what the producers are looking for & that is def. conveyed to the judges to sabotage! Look what they allowed to happen to Pia in 2011! That’s when I stopped watching! Goin back to the voice, cause they seem to be getting it right! Go-Bye again Fox!!


TYANNA JONES onAmericanIdol sings better than Jax and ravon


No way! They are 10 times better glad she was eliminated

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