WATCH: ‘Fantastic Four’ (2015 Reboot) 2nd Official Trailer

If there’s one summer superhero film we’re holding out hope for to be a quality experience, it’s Fantastic Four. The world needs a good…no, great film based on the the four hero squad that goes into battle with Dr. Doom.

Speaking of Dr. Doom, fans finally get their first glimpse at the team’s main arch-nemesis. Along with a good look at the film’s main baddie, we also get to see all four the team’s newly found powers in action. We’re going to remain optimistic about director Josh Trank’s reimagining of Marvel’s longest running superhero team. Mr. Fantastic, Invisible Woman, Human Torch and The Thing all deserve a great superhero film.

We’ll get to see if the rebooted Fantastic Four save the day at the box office on August 7, 2015.